MobileCounter – the butterfly effect


In a market that feeds millions of customers a twisted diet of hype and digital sustenance, vaunts 60 000+ apps, and is growing daily, developers must be increasingly creative in order to sell an app. There are apps to help you say yes; apps to help you say no; there’s even an app which will make you happy. MobileCounter fits comfortably somewhere in the middle of that group as it transforms the old hand-ticker or note paper into a newfangled iDevice app.

Günther Becker, MobileCounter, 0.99$, 0.2MB
Mobile Counter

Günther Becker likely developed MobileCounter with several intentions: to strike it rich, to sell a pile, and to brush up on Objective C. The app is simple: implement counter loops with the press of a virtual button. That alone is not worth the 99 cents, but Mr. Becker is far-sighted. Counters can be updated. They needn’t be 1 – they can also be represented by 2, or even 3! There is also an email function to send your ‘report’ as it were, to whoever needs it.

My excitement isn’t a joke. A full 8 items can be tallied on the same screen with customised colours, increment value, and visibility levels. In programming courses, incrementing a counter is one of the very first things you will study – it is basic to so many functions within applications. In skateboarding terms, it could be the ollie upon which nearly every modern flip-trick is founded.

Basic or not, this app may actual be of use. I have reviewed and bought apps that made me want to end it all right then, but this apparent under-achiever looks to be worth nearly a dollar.

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