The Apple iPod Sock – Keeps going and going and goin…


There are many good, cheap iDevice protector/case products on the market, but few that can run the show. I mean, few that can talk politics, conduct press conferences, cater to the starving 5000, sweep up after the mess, and still maintain decency at the end of it all. The iPod sock, oft’ snubbed though it is, is akin to the above; it is a fully capable do-everything automaton which forgotten by many would-be purchasers, merely bides its time drudging the unglamorous life as the fabric that padds your iPod.

I change my socks nearly every day, but after 4 years, I have yet to change from my iPod socks to another product.

The first scratch
My journey began with a flip-top ‘leather’ case which was stylish, slim and flippy. The thing rocked – that is, until I tried to use it with my iPod universal dock and with my ALO line out for use with portable amps. The combo wouldn’t jive. The dock couldn’t accept the extra bulk of the svelte case and the case made operation difficult from a docked position. If I wanted to hook my iPod up to my computer or an external amp via the universal dock, I had to remove the case. This I did over and over.

It sounds worse than it really was. Slipping the iPod in and out, attaching the external cables and enjoying music took about 10 seconds. The problem rather, was that the case, which was designed to protect my investment, over time scratched my iPod more than and jeans’ pocket did. I repeated the same story over and over again with different products. In the end, a dejected version of myself carried his heavily lined iPod nano to the Apple Store, looking for the next soon-to-be binned protector. Luckily, my rebellious spirit acted up and I bought the Apple iPod Sock instead.

Enter the underwear
At 29$, it is expensive, has received mixed reviews, and is largely non-protective. Nevertheless, the iPod Sock had me mesmerised while the usually strict common sense guy within me was choking a Segway spoke. The iPod Sock is more a fashion accessory than anything else, but it works where many cases don’t: in the dirt and grime of every-day life.


The naked iPod touch 2G - dock and case don't work well at all.

Unlike a plastic or rubber case, it will not pad your iPod in case of a fall. It doesn’t promise to stop bullet or the raging Niagara and 2 tonnes of water. Rather, it just stretches to fit any size of fully function iPod or iPhone. It has other benefits too. It won’t overly bulk up your trousers or require you to purchase finger extenders to wrap around its mass. The iPod Sock is like an easily removable second skin.

but the iPod Sock does!

but the iPod Sock does!

It also coordinates well with your outfit (sic), your handbag and your bicycle. You can even match it with your shoes! But at the end of the day, tired, beleaguered and ready for bed, while you slip into the bath, your dirty iPod Sock can relax in the spin cycle. Simple and effective, it maintains access to dock accessories, does not hoard iPod-scaring sand, lint, or dust. Nor will it crack, dent or harden when in contact with body oils. But, the best part? When you upgrade your hardware, guess what you won’t need: a new case – the iPod Sock is a one-size-fits-all invention that will last you many hardware lifetimes.

All of my iPods, Cowons and Sonys have been wearing the same Apple Socks since 2005. I’ve tried countless other which protect my iPod from the one thing I have yet to do: drop it, but in the end, the iPod Sock remains wrapped around my iPod, or with the dirty laundry because it is the most versatile of all case products.


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