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If you have heard of Jerry Harvey Audio, you are probably not the run-of-the-mill iPod user. You’re wallet is probably as skinny as your savings account and your list of purchasable grocery items. Despite being utterly broke, however, you exist in a state of audio bliss – or you will once your JH customs arrive in the post.

TouchMyApps have ordered the JH13Pro along with some other high-quality custom iems for review, but if Jerry Harvey is to be believed, there simply is no other choice in the industry than his products. Check out Jerry’s short but sweet message to a JH customer on CDPKorea‘s Zboard which is full of enthusiastic audiophiles.

Here is our review of the JH13Pro.


Yes the JH audio products are made by hand. The quality of the earphones are very high. The duarability is very high. The audio that the JH13 provides can not be duplicated by any other earphone on the planet. The issues you are showing me are cosmetic. We have tried to make everyones requested artwork and we will be very selective about what artwork we do from this point on. If the artwork will not come out properly we will decline doing it from this point. We are going to be very picky on what we will do as not to habe this happen. In the future we are investing in a machine that will do photorealistic printing. We at JH Audio are about makong the best sounding earphones on th planet. Once again our audio is unsurpassed and our earpieces are very durable. If you want perfect audio we are your company.


Headfi have a great impressions thread dedicated to the new 6-driver JH13Pro which is also a good, long read.

[via CDPKorea Zboards]

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