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I could have never fathomed in my wildest dreams that I would be able to set a world record without breaking anything and ending up in the hospital. For the past six years I haven’t chewed a single piece of gum (with much reason behind it, but I’ll refrain from telling the story), so you could only imagine my mortification when I attained the illustrious Guinness World record title for the largest bubble blown. How is this possible you ask? Well, in Guinness World Records, by Warner Bros., you can set the world record in 36 quirky and bizarre areas such as the most tattoos.


The game is playable with up to four characters/avatars (whom you can verse) that travel around the world. Each avatar is customizable from their clothes to their hair color and so on. Once created, your avatar is spawned on top of the Earth in gargantuan proportions. To move the giant, simply point your finger in the direction you want him/her to move. From here you travel to landmarks around the world such as the Statue of Liberty where you’ll be able to choose from three mini games (two of which have to be bought).


Fe Fi Fo Fum!

As you complete these zany games, you get star coins aka the game’s currency. The coins are spendable on clothes and mini games (each landmark has one mini game already unlocked and the rest have to be bought). The game has a very cartoony look and feel to it accompanied with inspirational music that simply fills me with joy. The avatar and Earth (as well as landmarks) are all in 3D, while during mini games, the sceneries are in 2D.

guinessworldrecords4Guinness World Records doesn’t entice you with a plethora of achievements to reel you in to playing the game, but rather the chance at attaining world records and appearing on the leaderboards. Nothing is more addicting than having your name, state and country shown on the leaderboards for everyone to see. The categories are broken into: Personal, Device (if one of your friends beats your Personal score, then their score will show under Device, not yours), Regional, National, and lastly World. Special outfits can also be unlocked in your wardrobe if you get records for certain mini games and landmarks (sadly I haven’t unlocked any of the special clothing yet).


You better believe it!

One of the high points of Guinness World Records is the seemingly endless amount of facts told by a bookworm person that appears on the bottom of the screen (who reminds me of Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory..). This guy is chuck full of knowledge and will keep you occupied for hours just reading all facts (which unfortunately move at a pretty slow pace and there’s no way to increase the speed at which the text moves). For every mini game, there’s a qualifying target score you can reach. If you reach, or surpass this mark, then you unlock a fact card specifically for the event you’re participating in. So, if the mini game is the most smashed watermelons (with your head, not with a hammer), then the fact card will state who holds that world record. There are also several certificates/plaques that can be unlocked every time you attain a new record, whether it be Personal or Worldwide.


The sad part is that I hate bubble gum.

The game itself is very fun and all the mini games are incredibly different from one another (though you can’t compare having the world’s longest nails and eating an entire airplane – nor can you even put them in a category..). My only complaint with Guinness World Records is the controls. I found the controls rather annoying for some mini games and even unresponsive at points. Some of the mini games will require you to slide your finger back and forth at an astounding speed or in a rotating motion along with tapping stars. Sometimes the rotations and taps did not register properly and thus my dreams of reaching the highest altitude with a BMX bike were foiled. My suggestion is to better the controls, whether it be making them more responsive or offering an alternative style to the controls altogether. I would also like to see online multiplayer because if you’re like me, then you don’t always have friends available that would like to eat the metal from airplanes (not literally). As well as the option to change the speed at which the text moves when the bookworm guy reads the facts, since it’s currently a little too slow for me.


Guinness World Records breaks the world record for being the first Guinness related app reviewed on TouchMyApps to earn a Grab It rating.

Note: The game is now is on a weekend sale at $0.99 (80% off). Grab it while it’s hot!


App Summary
Title: Guinness World Records (v1.0) Developer: Warner Bros. Entertainment
Price: $4.99 App Size: 50.9 MB
  • Many interesting facts
  • Graphics
  • 36 mini games
  • Online leaderboards
  • Customization
  • Offline multiplayer with friends
  • Controls


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