Zombies & Me in Review – 8lb Gorilla..A Team With Braaaaaains!


When EA made the announcement about 8lb Gorilla, the general public seemed to be excited. Dubbed as their “micro studio”, 8lb Gorilla, (a group of young developers), were charged with the task of developing 99 cent, pick up and play style games for the iphone. With the successful history of EA standing behind them and the decisive fanboy masses in front of them, they did their thing and in the end, put out a pretty solid first title, Zombies & Me.


It’s a pretty straight forward game (ala 8lb Gorilla’s modus operandi). Zombies are attacking Grandmas house and you need to save her. You do this by running around getting the zombies to follow you (leaving Grandmas house alone) into lit up target zones. Once there, they will not run any further as they will be distracted staring at the bomb that is about to drop on them and obliterate everything within ground zero.

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Options within the Zombies & Me are minimal. From the main screen you can view a basic “how to” and there’s also the Score Highlights screen, which will show your best stats so far. The Options screen, allows you to play songs from the iTunes library, use in-game music, or forgo music altogether.

There are 2 control types: Tap, and Hold. With Tap, you can tap anywhere on the screen and Guy will run towards that spot. If you don’t want to always be tapping you can also drag your finger around on the screen. The other option is Hold, where you have to keep your finger on the screen to move around, otherwise you’ll stop dead in your tracks (no pun intended).

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Zombies & Me has you are constantly moving. There is a never ending supply of zombies and you have to keep them all away from Grandmas house. As I mentioned before, the way you kill them is by getting them to run through the glowing targets that pop up all over the screen. Once there, they get bombed. However, you need to make sure you aren’t in or around the target, as the bomb will hurt or kill you as well.

On top of that, you also have zombies that are trying to kill you. Every now and then they will catch up and the screen will darken as they surround you. Your only hope is to tap away until you can release yourself from the hold they have you in.

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At the end of each round you can view how many zombies you have killed, as well as how many bonus points you earned (for killing multiple zombies at once).


In the end (though many people for some reason seem to be getting on EA and 8lb’s back about the apparently missing “depth” and “quality” of their $0.99 game), I found the game to be quite amusing. It is true to the “pick up and play” genre; casual gamers will get a kick out of it and the graphic quality is better than some $4-5.00 games. With 8lb Gorilla reportedly planning on releasing a title approx. once a month it looks like the $0.99 app segment is about to get interesting.


App Summary
Title: Zombies & Me (V 1.0.11) Developer: 8 LB Gorilla (EA)
Price: $0.99 App Size: 6.2 MB
  • Pick up and play
  • Good graphics
  • Play ipod music in game
  • Local or online leader boardwould be good


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