Waterslide Extreme – good clean (FREE) fun


Like stolen beer, free apps leave a light and refreshing taste in the mouth. Waterslide Extreme slipped (stifled laugh) into the App Store just yesterday and I reckon that a few of you missed it. Well, I am here like an alarm clock in your skull, noisily clamouring, ‘wake up and download this app!’ till my message punches through your forehead. Well, do it! Waterslide is developer Dare Digital’s first explosion onto the iTunes scene and is worth more than many 2 or 3$ games.

Dare Digital, Waterslide Extreme, 0.00$, 9.9 MB
Waterslide Extreme

Where to start? Simple? Yes. Plenty of options? Check. Good graphics? Undoubtedly. What about the game itself? Apart from a nearly flawless presentation (menu, options and graphics), Waterslide is a blast to play. Choose your gender and off you are on a slip n’ slide ride above cities in the fantasy race of your life.


As daring as the feat may seem to casual gamers, Dare Digital beg to differ. Nothing at all is wrong with burning down a tube several hundred metres above concrete, steel and car-generated pollution. In fact, get in and go as fast as possible. Your object (other than staying alive), is to pick up as many gems as possible, and if you spot it, an extra life.


There are 9 levels which based on the sense of speed, must span 20-30 virtual kilometres. Waterslide is hard (but not too hard) and is controlled by excellently engineered accelerometer tilts,and for the squeamish, the tap of a break.

If you like racing, good graphics, fun game play and low prices, DO NOT let this great game slide on by (hardy har har).

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