TapStar in review – Tap Dance Reven-O-Lution!


The music game genre of iphone apps has been seriously lacking competition as of late. Fortunately, the last month or so has seen the release of multiple games for your idevice that follow the tried and true formula of tapping to the beat. These games are easy to pick up, hard to perfect, and totally addictive and TapStar epitomises the lot of them!

In what can best be described as Tap Tap Revenge meets Dance Dance Revolution, TapStar, a new iPhone app from developers EpicTilt is EpicTilts’s entry into battle of the bands type play. Packing more than 20 licensed tracks from Sony Entertainment (with more coming) and using the same play-to-the-music formula that console games like Guitar Hero made popular, TapStar adds it’s own twists to the game, keeping it fresh, exciting, and surprisingly difficult.


Game play is pretty straight forward. You watch the arrows as they ascend from the bottom of the screen to the top. When they reach the “Hit Zone” you tap one of the 4 corners (each one matches 1 of the 4 symbols used). For help in learning the hows and whats of the game, the folks at EpicTilt have again taken that extra step. First of all, there is an easy to read help screen with instructions and labels to point out everything on screen. But instead of stopping there, EpicTilt also provide a link in the corner of the main screen to a video demonstrating game play.

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To select a song, tap Play and you will be brought to your downloaded tracks where you can select the song to . Difficulty ranges from Rookie to TapStar, you’ll have more than enough opportunities to test your skills. One in-game feature I found to be amazing – not offered by others – was the 3 second countdown from the pause screen that allows you to get fully ready for resume play.

If you’ve played out all the songs that come installed on the app, you can also go to the downloads area off the main screen and grab yourself some more of EpicTilt’s growing catalogue of licensed Sony Entertainment tracks. Don’t worry, downloads are quite fast with no problems that are not phone-related.

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At the end of each round, your score is tallied into the following: Misses, Streak, and overall score and percent. You are then able to post your score to a global board and see just how much of a TapStar you really are.

If you would like to see how everyone else is doing, just select Scores from the main menu. There, you will see the world leader, what track got them there and the score they achieved. You also have the option to view based on Location (showing top scores of anyone within 10 miles), Artist (will show top scores by people who have reported scores on each artist) and Song (same as artist but shows top scores based on the specific song not just artist).

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With a bold design, and fresh take on music games,TapStar is definitely a game I would recommend to fans of the music game genre. Even though they are still building their music catalogue, game play is solid, consistent and the player base is constantly growing. This 5 star game is absolutely Ready To Rock!


App Summary
Title: TapStar (Version 1.0) Developer: EpicTilt
Price: $4.99 App Size: 33.7 MB
  • Innovative controls
  • Top notch songs
  • Global leaderboard
  • Enhanced “pause” feature
  • Music catalogue still needs to grow


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