Puzzlings twists into the App Store

Sonic Boom, creator of the excellent Redneck Fishin’, Kill All Bugs! and iZombie: Death March, have briefly toned down their addicting and violent games to focus on a unique twist to the puzzle genre. Perhaps, I should call it Mr. Puzzle Potato. Anyway, this new game is quite the mélange of genres that is sure to be an addictive twist for puzzle fans. Follow the jump for the press release.

Sonic Boom, Puzzlings, 2.99$, 17.1 MB

Game Description & Feature List

Puzzlings places the user in the whimsical world of Wardrobia. By nature the inhabitants of Wardrobia spend their days sitting at home click-clacking away on their mini-computers. Never bothering to get dressed and blissfully unaware of the beauty of the outside world, such as the multi-colored Dazzleberries and the purple majesty of Mount Ju-Jube!

One night the user’s character has a startling dream about 8 enchanted talismans hidden across a strange land; a land bathed in sunlight and bright color. Could this be Wardrobia? The next morning the light through the window seemed that little bit brighter, there was no question as to what had to be done. Our brave little hero felt newly energized and for the first time had a desire to find something to wear… something unique…

The user will journey through eight different locations as they play Puzzlings, unlocking new customizations and clearing clouds from the map as they go.

The goal of Puzzlings is two-fold, firstly to travel throughout the land solving puzzles and gathering mementos, secondly to facilitate the creation and customization of the user’s character. Both the Overworld and puzzle aspects of the game are designed to achieve these goals.

The Overworld allows the user to explore different locations in order to discover new items for their Puzzling. Each location is considered a single level with a unique look that separates it from other locations. Contained within each level are a number of puzzle stages which share the same visual style and use either Arcade or Puzzle rules.

The goal of an Arcade Stage is to unlock items. This is done by clearing blocks of the same color by making rows and/or columns of four or more, this in turn fills the combometer. If the user clears a combination of blocks they will fill the combometer quicker than just single clears. The combometer also depletes over time, if the bar completely empties then the stage will be lost. As the challenges increase the amount of clears it takes to fill the bar and the rate at which it depletes will increase. Filling the combometer will turn four blocks on the board into items blocks that clear and unlock an item when they are connected together.

As the stages become more challenging more colors, long blocks and large blocks are introduced. When the user clears blocks the blocks that are above them will drop down to fill the empty spaces, new blocks are also dropped in at the top to refill the board.

Between stages the user will be returned to the Overworld screen which allows them to choose their next path through the level.

Completing an Arcade stage quickly will reward the user with a Speed Bonus item.

Each location within the game will contain a Puzzle Stage which is an optional challenge and isn’t required to complete a location. Puzzle houses remain locked until the user has unlocked a specific item.

The Puzzle stages use a similar mechanic to the challenge levels (flipping and rotating blocks) but will use the Puzzle rule set (clear every block from player in a limited number of moves). Completing a puzzle house will award two new customization skins for your Puzzling.

Playing the game is very simple the user will mark their selection on the screen by touching a block and then dragging their finger along a row or column to select the end block. Removing the finger from the screen will cause blocks to flip position.

In addition to this the user can draw a square of any size on the screen, this will then cause the blocks within the square to rotate 90 degrees clockwise. When the squares have rotated to where the user wants them they simply touch the screen to cancel the rotating. If left untouched the blocks will rotate through 360 degrees and then stop.

1| Eight Locations to Explore – Each visually distinct from the last
2| Puzzle Gameplay – A familiar mechanic with some exciting new twists
3| Customizable Creature – Customize every part of your creature including:
– Eyes
– Nose
– Mouth
– Head Accessories (Hats, hair, etc…)
– Skin Options (Color, fur, scales etc…)
– Body Accessories (Wings, back pack etc…)
– Shirt
– Pants
(there are in excess of 100 Million combinations for the customization)
4| Picture Gallery – Take a photo of your creature in a number of different poses. Note that the game released in the App Store will have some minor changes in the Picture Gallery (different URL referenced on the snapshots).

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