OS 3.1 to fix 3GS sound, among other things


There is a lengthy thread about it at the Apple Discussion forum and quite a few upset 3GS users. The simple truth is that the progeny of the iPod and a telephone is plagued by none other than poorly implemented system sounds. What has been characterised as ‘whiny’ and ‘squeaky’ is an issue with feedback between the mic and speakers. For the moment, manual fixes are possible by tweaking the volume of both the mic and speakers, but nothing so Apple-esque that it ‘just works’. Apparently, the Apple Store ‘Genius Bar’ has been soused in Apple’s extra fizzy drink as they are mum about Apple’s mistaken programming, citing rather, faulty hardware, thus delivering the problem into the hardware manufacturers.

Fortunately, there are hints that along with the below features, 3GS’s sonic woes are expected to be fixed in the next version of the iPhone’s OS.

  • Non-destructive video editing
  • Voice-control via Bluetooth headset
  • MMS is enabled
  • App launching, closing and shutdown tweaks
  • Phone numbers with alphanumeric keys can be typed directly, e.g., 1800 tmy apps = 1 800 869 2777!
  • Quartz and OpenGL improvements
  • Third-party devs can access edit functions for videos
  • Icon arrange mode is indicated by vibration
  • Better counter phishing measures in Safari

Other than this issue, some are hailing the 3GS as the best sounding ‘iPod’ since the 5th generation which is to many, the bees knees among Apple’s line. Apart from a little well-placed new-toy placebo, users may be onto something. However, Apple’s programming slips are unnerving, growing and hopefullly, gathering attention.

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