New Trailer for Gamevil’s Upcoming Hybrid: Eternal Whisper

If you’re a fan of the iDevice RPG  Zenonia and have been following Gamevil closely, you may already have heard of their highly anticipated and upcoming ARPG, Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. Just like Zenonia, Hybrid is an existing Korean title that is getting the full-on i-treatment and being ported to the iDevice come September/October. Unlike the big Z’s more traditional over the top gameplay view, Hybrid: Eternal Whisper is a side-scrolling action-RPG with plenty style and flare. From the trailer alone, it looks like Gamevil has another winner on their hands. Once we receive our preview copy, we’ll be sure to give you our thoughts on how this promising game is turning out. More screenies and the storyline after the jump!


The world of fairies and humans, Platina, is in fear from the reign of the Dark King Turek. Humans rebel and fight against the evil lord, but fails as the evil fairies of Turek are strong and powerful. Then one day, a knight comes out of the dark and kills Turek, but then suddenly disappears. No one knows his name or where he’d come from.

Peace returns to Platina, and 10 years have passed… and in Platina, evil is ready to spread once again…

The main character is a young boy named Grey (he has grey hair and grey eyes – not of this world. wink, wink.)

Suddenly the evil monsters and fairies appear after 10 years, and are more powerful than ever. While people of Platina are hoping for the return of the Knight of Dark, Grey is ready to fight to protect Platina. As Grey fights against the monsters, several fairies start to join the battle by fusing with Grey (In a special orb he carries) which allows him to use the fairies’ special powers. Each fairy represents a special skill, and each time a different fusion occurs, Grey becomes more powerful.


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