GloBall in review – Ball Rolling Bonanza!


There seems to be more and more apps being released nowadays that are making use of device features like the accelerometer. I personally haven’t played too many that make use of it but was always open to the idea. Lucky for me one such app has crossed my path: Globall.

GloBall, is a game released for the iDevice from developer Robot Super Brain. Not only do they have one of the best developer names ever, but they also know how to release simple and addictive games. In GloBall you play, well, a ball using the accelerometer. The object of the game is to roll around various boards and levels hitting different coloured blocks for points. There are blocks of all colours as well as special multiplier blocks that will garnish your score with extra points for each of the blocks of the same colour you hit.


There are other “special” blocks that will give your ball additional powers to aid in your clearing levels. There are too many to try and list so I’ll just leave that surprise to you. In each level you must clear all of the colored blocks in order to continue on.

Controls for the game are very responsive and in a word, great. You hold the device looking down at it and turning in any direction you will control the movement of the ball due to the “gravity” effect created with the use of the accelerometer. As you’re bouncing around clearing all the blocks, you also have to avoid hitting Spikes and Tarballs or you will lose a life. As a counter to that, you have the ability to add “balls” by collecting coins.


At the end of each level, Globall jumps from cool to awesome. After you clear all the blocks your score is tallied. THEN… you are shown your score in front of a globe that with shiny spots that represent Globall players from around the world. You are given a rank and are evaluated as “best in ## miles” for each level. This feature will definitely have you playing more and more trying to get your rank higher and higher.


As far as options go, there aren’t many. The usual suspects: volume control, view high scores and help are the only to make the cut. You can select levels to play and not much else, but for a game like this, lack of options doesn’t really add or take away from the game; play remains enjoyable regardless.

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Globall is another one of those great little games that you can pick up and put down whenever you’re looking for some time filler. There’re no plots or stories to follow. Just clean, simple game play. This game is worth your dollar.


App Summary
Title: GloBall (Version 1.0) Developer: Robot Super Brain LLC
Price: $0.99 (Introductory Sale!) App Size: 6.2 MB
  • Smooth game play
  • Global scoreboard
  • Good Replay value
  • An alternative control would be nice


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