Chillingo Announces Crystal – The Social Gaming Platform for the iPhone


In typical forward-thinking fashion, Chillingo are harnessing the facebook fallible, the twitter totalled, the stumbling stumbleuponers; their new endeavour is aimed at the heart of social-networking. Essentially, with massive yearly increase in users, social networking sites are taking ground from bingo halls, bowling alleys and roller-skatign rinks. Large networks of similarly minded gamers are perfect places for people to share their interests and their games and Chillingo themselves, developers, gamers, marketers, etc., – are a microcosm of the sort of platform which they intend to commandeer to yet another success.

Crystal is that game platform that has potential to create borderless gaming on the iPhone. Follow the jump for Chillingo’s press release.




Chillingo Announces Crystal – The Social Gaming Platform for the iPhone

United Kingdom – 14th July 2009 – Chillingo announces Crystal – the social gaming platform for the iPhone at Develop Conference in Brighton today. Crystal will embrace the powerful features of the new iPhone OS 3.0 and provide developers with a fully integrated and transparent framework to include social features in their games. Crystal is iPhone’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Crystal will be free for everyone. It will allow players to create their own profile, add friends, store achievements and game histories and compete with friends via direct challenges in multiple games. It is fully integrated into popular social network gateways such as Facebook Connect and Twitter. Crystal will also allow players to discover games they like more easily.

“Crystal gives developers and gamers a bigger plus all round.” said Chris Byatte, Director and co-founder of Chillingo. “It is set to become the de-facto social gaming standard for iPhone and iPod touch.” he added. Chillingo will open up the Crystal platform for all game publishers and developers. Crystal will provide a host of new innovative features never seen before on a social gaming platform. For more information on Crystal, developers are invited to register their interest now on

About Chillingo
Chillingo is the publisher of iPhone and iPod touch games and applications. For more information about Chillingo please visit

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