MegaWeather in Review – Make It Rain On Dem Apps!

megaweather1Do you use the weather app on your iDevice? I don’t. The details it provides are minimal, the design is horrid, and instead of creating their own thing, they just hop onto Yahoo’s weather gathering system. Other apps available definitely have more info, but are either lacking in design, plagued by “non obtrusive” ads, or have features that 90% of people really don’t care about. Pricing is another factor. Some apps are charging as much as $4.99, just to tell you it might rain tomorrow. Thanks to MegaWeather, I now can have my proverbial cake and eat it too.

App Features

  • Current weather
  • 6-days forecast
  • More than 40 000 cities around the world
  • Locations for 5700 biggest cities
  • Format settings for units, date and time
  • Real feel temperature
  • High and low day temperature
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Dew point, Visibility, Humidity
  • Current local time for cities
  • Send weather information to e-mail
  • Search cities by name or zip code

Mobile platform developer DeluxeWare have recently released MegaWeather, a feature packed weather forecaster. The app boasts more than 40,000 cities in its database as well as the locations for 5700 of the biggest cities worldwide (you’ll understand the importance of that later). The design is fresh, and even though it is jam packed full of information, it doesn’t look or feel cluttered.


As you can see from the screenshot above, there is more than enough info right in front of you, in an easy to read format. From the main screen, you get details for the current weather along with some added weather related info (e.g. wind, humidity, barometric pressure) as well as the upcoming forcast for the next 6 days.

There is certainly a lot of attention to detail as well. High quality images display the weather type and flags represent the country that the city is in. Also included is the ability to send the weather info via email. The app takes whatever city’s weather you have on the main screen, opens up an email and pastes it into the body.


Then there’s the globe – an ingenious inclusion. If you swip your finger across the globe (in either direction) it actually spins! Not only that, once you let go it will reposition itself to show you the weather listing for whatever city you have added to the list that is closest. This is definitely a feature that sets it apart from others. Not a necessary inclusion by any means but it does add a bit of flare to something as mundane as checking the weather.

From the menu screen, you can add or remove cities, as well as edit the formats for Units (standard/metric), Time (12/24hrs) and Date (month/day – day/month)

megaweather4 megaweather5

Adding cities is a piece of cake. From within the city manager you tap on the box beside the search button and enter the city you are looking for. After a brief search (seconds really) it’ll show you it’s findings. Select the one you want and it is added to the list. To remove a city, just tap it (a check mark will appear) and then select “Delete Selected” at the bottom of your screen. Simple, to the point, and done well.

megaweather6 megaweather7

As far as weather apps go, this is definitely one of the best. For $0.99 you can have all the weather info you need and more. The developer has already posted upcoming enhancements that they plan to release in the next updates and with features. Features like 48hr and 15 day forcasts, even more details and controls, and “accelerometer support” (?) are slated to make the upcoming versions. DeluxeWare are definitely positioned to take the lead in this corner of the app market.


App Summary
Title: MegaWeather (v1.0) Developer: DeluxeWare
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.1 mb
  • Accurate Real-Feel temperature.
  • Hi-quality design
  • Interactive globe
  • Plenty more features on the horizon
  • None to really speak of


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