Artificial Life’s iSoccer Backstreet Promo Code Giveaway!


For fans of the real football aka ‘soccer’, there is nothing more exciting than watching the Netherlands getting eaten by Sweden in the Euro Cup (??) or Celtic get their bums handed to them again – nothing. But then, that ain’t real football. That is spectator seating, bench barking, fat fanning, etc.. Real football happens on the streets, in the alleys and on pitches around the world – much like a new game (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge – say no more).

iSoccer Backstreet, a new game by Artificial Life, the geniuses behind iDroidsMania, comes at a great introductory price of 199 pennies, but its developers in benevolent wisdom, are giving away 20 promo codes. Check it out.

Artificial Life, iSoccer Backstreet, 1.99$, 53.0 MB
iSoccer Backstreet

All you have to do is go to this link, fill out the smallest of surveys and start praying. The contest started on the 10th of July and runs till the 10th of August.

iSoccer Backstreet Press Literature:
Game Features

  • Realistic motion details and ball physics
  • Exclusive tricks that can be unlocked
  • Multiple outdoor locations including city streets, junk yards, docks, backstreets and more
  • A wide variety of jerseys, shoes, and items for a personalized experience
  • Over a dozen of freestyle soccer tricks including ATWs, Magellan, Hacky, Back Spins, 
 Murilo, Shoulder Stall, New Trix and more

Various levels and modes with a few highlights as follows:

  • Let’s Rock! – Intense dribbling tricks and ball balancing training
  • MyStyle Freestyle – Follow and repeat the tricks and motion sequences of the
  • dribbling master
  • The Destroyer – Destroy everything possible with your soccer ball and power
  • Make it your own! – Master performance of your dribbling skills

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