Apple Netbook slated for an October release?

Thanks Computerworld Blog

Thanks Computerworld Blog

There is simply nothing more exciting than new hardware announcements from Apple. If this rumour from the Taiwanese Infotimes is to be believed, 1st-generation touch screen based hardware from the Cupertino company could be in the hands of Apple’s faithful by October. As part of that faithful, I am counting my pennies now and have come up short by about 20 000.

While not a netbook in the traditional money-wise sense, Apple’s middling touch-screen computer and likely metal-enclosure will elevate the price to meet the standards set among higher-end hardware. Add the typical Apple profit-margin formula and as Infotimes guess, we are likely to see a product in the 800-900 USD range.

The touch-based tablet netbook will likely sport a 9.7 inch screen from Wintek, but other manufacturers claim that Apple have placed orders for their products. It is safe to put this on the rumours shelf and as October looms, take it down, sniff it and see if the odour has changed. One thing is clear: Apple have held back from producing a tablet computer long enough. Like the iPod, their attack on this platform will be monumental, but, as the device will be OSX-only, may make less of an impact with Windows-poisoned consumers than the now-ubiquitous PMP.

[via MacRumors]

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