SAGA Catapult in Review – Time To Get Your Rocks Off


Are you a fan of MMO games? Well I’m not, lol. The idea of a game being designed around one is probably one of the furthest things from my want list. Until now. Developed around their popular MMORTS, SAGA Catapult is a defense style game from Silverlode Interactive. Taking design and character elements from the the pc based SAGA, “Catapult” sports a very well designed interface and responsive controls. Although it may not get me into the MMO genre, it definitely has reminded me to not judge a book by it’s cover.

The game interface is enojoyably simple. Upon launch you have the option to either start a new game or edit the game options. Game modes are Easy and Hard, and you have to play through the easy mode to unlock the hard mode. The developer advertises “The Ultimate Weapon” becomes available after you beat both modes, but as hard as I tried I just could not do it. Yet. I may be writing this review now but I will not give up on this game until it is beaten.


When you enter the game you are shown an introduction screen. The text scrolling through gives you the basic story of what is going on as well as provide you with your basic game controls an objectives. One interesting feature here – although you are also greeted with an introduction for the hard mode, the write up is different than that of the easy mode intro. Very nice to see that attention to detail, although being born from an MMO I guess it should be no surprise that every little thing is taken care of in that regard.


Gameplay is split into waves. During the wave your goal is to stop each of the enemies as they make their way across the screen using your catapult. As each level begins, you are shown any new enemies that you now have to contend with. The further you get into the level, the more difficult the enemies become. They start to move faster, require multiple hits to kill as well as grow in numbers. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself tapping like mad trying to catch up with them.

Hitting the enemies and killing them is how you earn your points and gold. There are 2 types of hits, regular and direct. The regular can still kill an enemy but direct hits will earn you more points and more gold.


There are 2 methods available for firing the catapult at your enemies. The default method is you simply tap where you want the catapult to fire; the other is using your finger to drag the target around the screen to wherever you want to fire and then tap it once you have your target in position. Personally, I found the latter option to be a little too difficult. Anyone with average sized fingers is going to find it difficult in the harder levels as the cross hair stays hidden under your fingertip as you drag it across the screen.


After you get past around level 6 or 7, (I don’t remember which exactly because I didn’t want to stop playing to write it down) not only do you have to contend with enemies coming at you but you also have to keep an eye on your allies that are trying to make their way across the screen in the opposite direction (aiding them in doing so will get you extra gold). You want to kill any enemies that may be heading towards them, all the while watching where you are firing as your shots can kill the friendlies as well.


After each wave, your score is tallied along with your gold, which you get to spend on any available upgrades. Upgrade options are available for shot strength, shorter times between firing, increasing the area your damage affects, adding more lives/people to your village and lastly (one feature I found particulary fun) the ability to add a curve to your fire. This ability was the one that stood out the most for me. Basically after you fire your catapult, you use the built-in accelerometer and tilt your device to add a curve to your shot. So if you take your shot and the enemy is just outside the target area, you just have to give it a slight curve and you’ll be able to hit them even though they are outside the range of your original shot.


So unfortunately as I mentioned before, I could not beat this game yet. However I did beat the easy mode and was treated to one hell of a battle with the end level boss. I was also surprised that I had the option to post my score and see how I stack against others online.

I can only imagine the headaches that await me when I finally do reach the last level. SAGA Catapult is definitely not what I expected. Before even reading the bio on the game, I was already expecting this to be my lowest rated app yet, and in the end I was pleasantly surprised. With few short comings to mention, some of which the developers are already in the process of changing, this MMO is absolutely a game I think a lot of you will enjoy.


App Summary
Title: SAGA Catapult (v1.1) Developer: Silverlode Interactive
Price: $1.99 App Size: 35.8 MB
  • Easy to pick up
  • Addictive gamplay
  • Straight forward UI
  • Upgrade options
  • Drag To Aim option too difficult with average size fingers
  • No autosave (developers are working on it)


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