MEElectronics Ai-M6 & Ai-M9 Review – Royalty on a Budget



Established 2005 in southern California, MEELectronics focus on providing customers with quality products and services at the best prices possible. MEElectronics’ products are aimed at iPod and iPhone owners,

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offering a multitude of earphones and portable speakers. Today, we have their top-tier earphones with us, the Ai-M6 and the Ai-M9. Both house the same driver, same specifications, and the same sound. The difference you ask? The Ai-M6 is a $39.99 “over the ear” style inner earphone and the Ai-M9 is a $19.99 “straight down cable” style inner earphone that has a mic’d brother for only $10 more.

Variation: Ai-M6 is available in Black and Maroon, Ai-M9 is available in black with/without mic.
Transducer: 9mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver
Impedance: 16 ohms
Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity (1mW): 95dB SPL/mW
Weight: N/A
Cord Style: Y-cord
Mini Jack Style: Gold Plated Straight (First Gen iPhone adaptable)

The MEElectronics Ai-M6 and Ai-M9 come with nearly the same accessory packages. Each is adorned with 3 sets of single flange silicone rubber sleeves (small, medium, large) along with one pair of specialty sleeves. The Ai-M6 comes with a pair of memory foams, while the Ai-M9 comes with a pair of dual flange silicone rubber sleeves. (Note: As you may see below,

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our pair of Ai-M9 arrived with an extra pair of Medium silicone sleeve by some gracious accident). In addition to the sleeves, both models come with a semi-stiff carrying case, a wire organizer, and an airplane adapter and can be considered very well-equipped for their

respective prices.


Fit wise, both are comfortable and as for isolation, both models are comparable, if slightly less than the $249.99 Phiaton PS200. While wearing these earphones on the busy streets and buses here in Vancouver, they kept me in a well-separated world of silence where only the music and I were interacting.

“How do these feel?”,

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you’re wondering. I find that the Ai-M6 are a bit lighter on my ear canals, causing less pressure-discomfort than the Ai-M9. However, the rubber memory wire around the ear causes slight discomfort around my ear. The Ai-M9 on the

other hand, doesn’t have memory wire (and consequently, the same problem), but like I said earlier, they exhibit a bit more pressure on my ear canals. Overall, I prefer the Ai-M9 over the Ai-M6’s sometimes itchy fit.



Before I start this section, just a reminder that both earphones have the same sound. From high to mid and low frequencies; and when considering soundstage or detail, the identical driver and musical tuning result in the same sound. As always, I made sure both models perform at their peak by giving them healthy doses of frequency sweeps and pink noise for over 200 hours. Audio quality is the party piece of both models. After a quick listen, I decided to give them the same test as the Phiaton PS200 and stray from my often-used Mariah Carey. This time, MEELectronics earphones will face Celtic Women’s lovely voice, their excellent crew of musicians, and the famed fiddler, Máiréad Nesbitt.

Simply put, Meelectronic’s M6 and M9 are detailed and Crisp. Listening to “The Last Rose of Summer” by Celtic Woman, they instantly shoot spot on to vocal detail and power. One thing they lacked on a small scale is the pitch of the notes which were presented just shy of truly emotional. This slight lack can detract from music like Celtic Women’s great vocals and some instruments like violins and flutes.

Smooth, Lush, and Buttery. Listening to “Mo Ghile Mear”, Méav’s voice is beautifully presented. The depth, richness, and clarity of her voice tangible, but not be as detailed and full as on the Shure Se420, or Se530 (both of which cost many, many times more). All in all, the mid frequency band is still top notch, comparable to Head Directs Re1, and detailed and able-bodied enough to draw comparison to much more expensive earphones.

The most powerful frequency band of the Ai-M6 and the Ai-M9 and the most attractive to the market is powerful, deep, and speedy. Not as quick as Head Directs Re0, but definitely on par with the Re1 in terms of speed, depth, and power. Once again, listening to “Mo Ghile Mear”, drums are captivating

from the start. The two little MEElecs give drums a full-body punch, and an ocean-deep richness to keep you into the song – truly amazing for the price.

Both models were quite average when first out of the box. However, after breaking them in, the soundstage widened to reasonable levels which would compare to a spot in between the Head-Direct RE1 and RE0. The front-to-back depth too, is quite believable and again, for the price, one of the best in the industry – certainly a great choice for the smart buyer and the teenager!

Build Quality
Both are such affordable earphones that I found it surprising how well-made they are. The cables are flexible, thin, yet not super tangle-prone. Unfortunately, they are prone to a microphonic nature. If you’ve heard the Monster Turbine cable, then you will know what I’m talking about. If not, they are around 70% as loud as the similarly priced Skullcandy Ink’D earphones are. Of course, the over-the-ear M6 suffers much less microphonics than the M9.

Strain reliefs on the earbuds themselves work, are flexible and are well-made, however, there isn’t one on the cable, so no ‘insured’ feeling. Material and build wise, both earphones have a flawless plastic housing that is well-built, yet stylish – no complaints from me there!


Affordable, well built, and stylish with astonishing audio performance rivaling competitors that cost more than many times their price, Meelectronics M6 and M9 are great. These cheap phones even nailed isolation and fit which means you can maintain a seal even when participating in sporting activities! What more can I say?! The Ai-M6 walks away with a grab from behind due to its slightly higher price of $39.99, while the Ai-M9 is definitely getting a doggy-pile full of kisses at its unbelievable $19.99 price-tag.





App Summary
Title:MEELectronics Ai-M6, Ai-M9Developer:MEELectronics
Price:M6 $39.99, M9 $19.99
  • Great construction
  • Inexpensive
  • Great sound
  • So many accessories
  • comfortable
  • Microphonic cables

Buy Now from MEElectronics:

Ai-M6: $39.99

Ai-M9: $19.99

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