Stand O’ Food in Review – You Can Makez Hamburger!


Stand O’ Food is a restaurant based strategy game from renowned mobile game development studio G5 Entertainment. The premise of the game is fairly straight forward. You are a cook in a restaurant and it’s your job to fill the orders of each of your customers in a timely fashion. Although the idea of the game is simple, completing the task at hand may not be as easy.


Your task as cook is simple. Build the burgers and sandwiches that your customers order. The twist that is thrown at you, is that all the pieces to your sandwiches are coming down multiple conveyors. Sometimes the pieces you need are stuck behind other pieces. You have to make the executive decision on what sandwich orders to fill first. If you take too long your customers will get fed-up and leave.


The tutorial included was pretty good at laying out the game basics. After running through it you should feel confident enough to take on the game. One thing I thought it could have included was the use of condiments (something you can buy after completing a stage). Or touch more on the Cookery Book that shows you all the sandwiches as well as the condiments you’re able to add.


As for the game itself, there are 2 game modes available Meal Quest and Lunch Rush. In Meal Quest you move from shop to shop learning how to build more sandwiches and having to deal with a growing set number of customers. In Lunch Rush you start with basic burgers and a few customers and it just keeps growing and getting progressively harder. Of the two, I found Lunch Rush to be more exciting. The difficulty level seems to progress faster, which in my opinion makes Stand O’ Food more enjoyable.

As you successfully complete a level you get money that can be spent on various upgrades. Things like condiments, sandwich boxes, even a jukebox. When you’re done all your upgrades you just cancel out of the menu, select done and you’re on to the next stage.


Graphically, the game is clean and crisp. It’s easy to figure out what ingredient is coming down the line. The burgers look like burgers, the buns look like buns. The main issue I do have is with the condiments. Some are easy to figure out (tomato for ketchup, pepper for tabasco). Others though are not so simple to understand, like what looks like a half of a boiled egg, a leaf, or a little white bowl of something orange. You’ll know what they are when you buy them from the upgrade screen, but when you’re trying to clear out 20 people at the same time it can get a little frustrating trying to remember whats what.

While Stand O’ Food isn’t a deep game by any means, it is still a fun app to have on your iDevice when you have some time to kill. With a great price (currently offering an 80% off sale) and definite replay value, this G5 offering should keep you busy cooking up burgers for the next little while. If your a fan of the more casual arcade type game, this is for you.


App Summary
Title:Stand O’ Food (v1.0)Developer:G5 Entertainment
Price:$0.99 (80% off time limited Sale!)App Size:8.5 MB
  • Good quality graphics
  • Replay value
  • Easy to learn
  • Only 2 different game modes
  • Inability to select a difficulty level


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