DrawRace in Review – A Straight Line to Victory


What is it that made Firemint’s Flight Control so popular? When it first appeared in the App Store, it had only one map and no online scores, yet it sold like wildfire. It was the fresh concept that drew the attention of the masses, being a new variation of the time management game.

But this review isn’t about Flight Control, as there already is one on the site for that. This review is about a new game; one that’s also spreading rapidly for it’s new concept. From first glance, RedLynx’s DrawRace looks like it has a similar concept with line drawing gameplay, but it’s definitely not a time management game. I myself never became a fan of Flight Control, but DrawRace brought plenty of fun.


DrawRace offers a very, very simple gameplay concept, but one that is also very enjoyable and takes practice to master. Before a race begins the player draws out the path around the circuit for which he/she wants the car to follow. The car will then try to follow that path as it completes laps around the course.

Of course, the car can’t follow the line exactly or the game would be too easy. The whole race depends on how well you draw out your route. Car speed at certain points of the course are based on how fast you draw the line. There are many small tricks that help increase the chances of getting a good lap time. For example, a commonly used skill is to slow down on turns, otherwise the turn will cause your car to lose speed rapidly. Obstacles will also slow your vehicle down, although this is mainly about cutting corners too close and going off-road. Luckily there aren’t any car collisions, so the game is completely based on the person’s own line-drawing ability.


DrawRace has one main game mode, split into few sections. Everyone begins racing the AI on lower level tracks, and each track has its separate scoring for local and global. Winning on a track against the AI allows the player to then do time trials, ghost races against their local best times, or online challenges against other players’ ghost times. Additionally, more track sets are unlocked as the player completes previous sets. There are currently a total of 20 circuits in the game.

As well, DrawRace supports local hotseat multiplayer modes for up to three players, so you can race your friends on one device.


DrawRace has similar type graphics to Flight Control, being the clean and colourful artwork and easy to see terrain. The sound effects of the cars “vrooming” down the track are realistic, as well as the screeching skids at those sharp turns. There’s also some upbeat music at the menus to get your finger adrenaline going for the next race.


DrawRace features a local (saves your 3 best times) and online ranking for the best times on each track (submitted at the end of each race). There are national rankings and global rankings, and player locations are determined by GPS (not supported by all devices). Currently there’s no way to check the absolute best times unless you’re near the top of the ranks, but RedLynx has plans to make leader boards on their website in the future.

If you are a fan of racing games, DrawRace definitely won’t disappoint as it has a fresh concept on gameplay, plus it’s easy to play a few quick rounds whenever you’re on your coffee break. For $0.99, Grab it for the replayability and fun factor, and head for the finish line!


App Summary
Title: DrawRace (v1.0) Developer: RedLynx Ltd
Price: $0.99 App Size: 15.4 MB
  • Extremely fun racing gameplay.
  • High replayability with online scoring.
  • Decent multiplayer system.
  • Somewhat slow server connection for uploading scores.
  • Short rounds makes 20 maps seem like “not so many”


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