Sweetwater Defense in Review – Tower Defense in Hard Mode


Like many people, I’d had no experience with Tower Defense games prior to playing them on my iPod. I still consider myself a newbie at them, and there are plenty of times when I still struggle to set up a good defense in even some of the easier Tower Defense games that are out there. So perhaps it’s not fair for me to say that Sweetwater Defense is a difficult game, but I certainly found it challenging. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Like most tower defense games, there is a map which plots out the course of your enemies from one side of the screen to the other, and it’s your job to set up towers that act as your defenses against the waves. This game has a sailing theme, so the ships have a high seas/pirate look to them, as well as some sea creatures for you to face as well. It’s important, because like all TD games, each of these enemies has specific strengths and weaknesses which you must learn and exploit by setting up the right towers in your defense. For instance, some sea creatures are submerged, which most of your towers cannot hit, but if you set up a harpoon tower, it will drag the creature to the surface for your other towers to attack.


As is usual for this genre, towers have upgrades, and can also be sold off and replaced with a different tower. The graphics aren’t the greatest you’ve ever seen on your iDevice, but it is nice to look at, and by tilting you can actually move from a more 2D overhead view to something more akin to 3D. The map of the world is quite large, with different spots marked for the levels, and areas separated into Easy, Medium, and Difficult.


Which brings me back to my initial comment about this game being challenging, even the easy levels can be difficult to get through. But, Sweetwater brings something else unique to the TD genre, the ability to rewind and try again. You can literally speed up or slow down the action going on during levels, or if you’re unhappy with how a particular wave proceeded, you can back it up to where it started and try again. I felt like there was a lot of trial and error in figuring out how to beat a particular level, and the ability to rewind helped it feel a lot less frustrating than it would have been had I just ‘lost’ and had to start the level again.


There are detailed instructions which walk you through everything from towers and enemies to how to play the game, plus the first level is a tutorial which I found helpful. But ultimately, I did think Sweetwater Defense was a little too difficult for me, and ultimately for me to wholeheartedly recommend. I think those who are looking for a challenging Tower Defense game, need look no further. But for those who are casual fans, this game may prove to be a little too hard. So in the end, my rating for Sweetwater is a Tap It.


App Summary
Title: Sweetwater Defense (v1.0.1) Developer: Werebear Games
Price: $3.99 (sale $0.99) App Size: 31.5 MB
  • Lots of towers and maps
  • Should provide lots of challenge for TD pros
  • Unique rewind feature
  • Probably too challenging for casual fans


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