Reminder Pro – Birthday/Anniversary in Review: Saving your $#@! One day at a time


If you’re like me, you have way too many birthdays or anniversaries to remember. Eventually you’re bound to forget one of them. Well worry no more. Ascii Studios, a division of Gigabyte Solutions Ltd. have definitely got your back. Reminder Pro is by far one of the best reminder apps on the market right now and is really dynamic for something that has only been in development for 6 months. With this handy app by your side, you’ll be the best friend/spouse/sibling/etc ever. Never forgetting a single birthday, anniversary, or any other special event ever again.

When it comes to a reminder app, my expectations are fairly simple. I want something that will visually get my attention, to “remind” me of something coming up. After spending some time with Reminder Pro, not only has it met my expectations but it has exceeded them by miles. The app itself is really quite simple; it basically is there to just remind you of something. It’s the ways in which it achieves and surpasses that goal that truly are amazing.

One of the biggest features of this app is when you open it. You are treated to a very fast pop up message, and then the magic happens.


Every time it opens, the app will scan your contacts list and add any birthday that you took the time to record in your contacts app. Seriously. Close the app, add a birthday to a contact, reopen the app, it’s there. It takes all the birthdays and anniversaries and drops them in chronological order on the main page. If that wasn’t enough it will also tell you under each entry how old the person is turning (if you supplied the correct year), or in the case of anniversaries it will display what year the anniversary is. Then off to the side, you will see how many days until the specific event in bold red along with an icon (a little present for birthdays and hearts for anniversaries). These icons are preset for these 2 specific events. From there you can sort by name or date, or filter to show only birthdays, anniversaries, or stand alone events (think Christmas, or a Graduation).

reminderpro3 reminderpro4

Now I know that I just told you that you could exit the app, add a birthday to a contact and see it added once you reopened the app, but do you really want to do that? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just edit an already existing contact right from within the app so that their birthday or anniversary is both added to your reminders list, as well as to the actual contacts list itself? Well, you can. From the main page, select the “+” symbol and up pops the options to add dates. Select “Existing Contact” and add the appropriate info and after you save, it will both be in the reminder app as well as within the existing contacts info.

Happen to remember a birthday or anniversary for someone that you haven’t added to your contacts yet? Select the “+” button, choose “New Contact” and add any info you have. You can even select an existing picture or use the camera (iPhones only) to add to the contact info. Save it and that persons date info will be added to the reminder app and a new entry will make its way into to your contacts.


If you are adding your own “standalone event” you can choose an icon which will be placed where the contact photos are for your birthday/anniversary reminders . Unfortunately there are only 12 to choose from, 3 of which would be considered Christmas related (a tree with a star on top, a snowflake, and holly). More icons are definitely needed, or at least the ability to use an image from your own photos. When adding these standalone events you will still see the bold red text to the side telling you how many days until the event along with a mini calendar icon instead of the package or hearts(again a set icon).

reminderpro6 reminderpro7

When one of the birthdays, anniversaries, or other events are approaching, a badge will appear over the app icon indicating how many things are coming up. You can set this notification to be based on up coming events from as little as 1 day to as far as 3 months away.

reminderpro8 reminderpro9

The last feature that I need to touch on, and one of the most important in my opinion, is what to do when the date of a birthday or anniversary is here. This is where Gigabit Solutions’ app blew me away. When you select a birthday/anniversary from the reminder list, it shows you all the contact info for that person. From there you can email the person, call their home or mobile numbers and even send a text message. It truly integrates itself with the phone, email, and sms apps seamlessly. A feature you’d be hard pressed to find in other reminder apps.


In the end I really do have to recommend Reminder Pro to anyone who has a lot of dates that they need to remember. It’s a no-step process to set up and can definitely save you the embarrassment of forgetting an important event.


App Summary
Title: Reminder Pro – Birthday/Anniversary (v1.0) Developer: Gigabyte Solutions Ltd. / Ascii Studios
Price: $1.99 App Size: 0.3 MB
  • Add new contacts/edit existing ones
  • Ability to launch phone/mail/message app from within
  • Badge showing upcoming events
  • Lack of icons for standalone events


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