Punk Justice in Review – It Didn’t Make My Day


I’ve had Punk Justice on my iPod for some time now, having been given the previous version to review. But I had seen elsewhere that the developer was in the process of submitting a new version to Apple, and based on the expected features planned for that release, I decided to wait. Now this review will cover not only what the game does in its current version and how that fares over the original, but I’ll be giving my thoughts on the game as well.

The good news is, many of the things I took issue with in the original version of Punk Justice have been fixed with the new update. For starters, the game was originally missing difficultly levels, and the level the game was set at was too high. It was difficult to get past even the first ‘park’ before, but now I had no trouble on the easy setting, advancing quickly into the game. In general I think the new difficulty levels are well balanced.


There’s also been the addition of a Survival mode (keep fighting opponents until you fall) which was a smart move on the part of the developer, Wastedyuthe. There’s a little more detail now in the connective story tying the whole game together.


The bad news is, ultimately, it’s still just not that great of a game. It wants to be like Punch Out, but none of the characters are really that appealing, and the moves are too generic. There are buttons on the screen to dodge to the right and left, and for right and left punch – but the punch button is located very close to the iPod’s Home button, and in the heat of a fight I found myself all too often tapping Home and losing my progress.


In campaign mode, there are four parks that you must ‘clean up’ – with four gangs for you to take on. But those gangs are not each in a different park, they’re all present at each park, and basically each gang is just one picture of a fighter – so all the members of a gang look exactly the same. I’d have gone in a completely different direction here, making each park the home of a particular gang, then giving all the characters a similar outfit color scheme in that particular park to signify that they’re all a part of the same gang. I’d have also designated one of them as the ‘boss’ to fight at the end of that park.

But alas, that’s not what you get. Instead you fight the same four characters over and over again, in different types of fights (Normal, Timed, Endurance, Double). Mostly I found myself holding off on fighting the weaker opponents until I had to do the harder fight types. And with the constant repeating of opponents, I just found it to be kind of tedious to keep playing.


There’s lots of options in picking what fights you want to do, especially in Quick Fight mode, but honestly there’s just no incentive for me to want to keep playing. I can’t really recommend Punk Justice, and ultimately give it a Slap It rating.


App Summary
Title: Punk Justice (v2.1) Developer: Wastedyuthe
Price: $0.99 App Size: 37.6 MB
  • Lots of Fight Type options
  • Comic book style art
  • Poor control set up
  • Not enough characters
  • More tedious than entertaining


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