DJ Mix Tour in Review – Pump Up The Jam


Tap Tap Revenge’s fame is unparalleled. Just as Tap Tap Revenge brought on an onslaught of clones and apps similar that were trying to steal its limelight, so did other well known games such as Flight Control. DJ Mix Tour doesn’t fall into the category of being a Tap Tap Revenge clone, but more or less a variation of the popular franchise with its own sui generis aspects and high quality Gameloft flare.

djmixtour2DJ Mix Tour lets you choose from one of five turntablist DJs and embark on an extravagant journey around the world starting from the wonderful New York (home of Matthew, the TouchMyApps writer). The graphics are well rendered in 3D and the different environments differ quite nicely. The game contains sixteen tracks that all have the same hip-hop aura about them. While I have yet to hear about Womanizer becoming the latest craze in dance clubs, all the songs suit the game well and are catchy.


While playing a song, you must tap the turntable disc as it passes over the booming speakers. If you tap it at just the right moment, you’ll see the note burst into flashy sparks. Miss the note, and the music completely stops playing until you hit a right note. There are special kinds of notes as well. Some notes have to be held (indicated by a colored line behind the note). Others have to be swiped from left to right (or vice-versa), connecting all three notes (indicated by an electric band across the notes). The last kind of note is quite different than the average one. The note itself is an orangey disc (power note) with little stars coming out of it. If you correctly hit a chain of these notes then your power bar gets drastically increased. The power bar is located directly above the turntable. As you hit notes the bar fills green until you fill a portion of it which turns blue.

If you fill two portions of the bar then you’re able to really “pump up the jam”. You’re given two options at this point: 1) The left button that appears activates “rush mode” if you tap it. This mode should only be used when you are on the brink of losing (which is caused by missing too many notes). During the short time period the mode is activated, you’ll gain back your audience bar (bar at the top of the screen) faster than normal. 2) The right button activates “fever mode”, or as I like to call it, “super funky disco lights mode”. All notes’ scores that you hit while the mode is activated doubles, which quickly adds on a lot of points to your total score.


DJ Mix Tour boasts a large array of awards (achievements) with quirky names, which add on a lot of longevity to the game. There are three difficulties to play around with (easy, medium, and hard), in addition to the unlockable expert diffficulty. I found it a breeze on easy and medium during the career mode. It almost got to the point where I felt the notes were going too slow and I couldn’t really get into the beat. That is, until I tried hard mode. Hard mode is the only difficulty that offers some kind of challenge in the game (until you unlock expert difficulty). Any song on easy and medium I can easily get 100%, whereas that simple task becomes increasingly difficult with hard mode.


Since the game has “DJ” in its title, I was highly anticipating getting to mess around with a turntable. Sadly you have no control over altering the sound of the music in career mode while you play a song. But, there is the “mixing tool” mode which partially relieved my concerns. In this mode you can mix any two songs in the game on a turntable by dragging the albums onto the turntable. You can individually slow down or make the songs faster as they play. There is also a mix slider which overlaps the two songs while they play (which can be adjusted to make one song sound more prominent than the other). Unfortunately, there’s no option to mix your own music from your iPod library, which would have put me on cloud nine.


My gripes are very minimal for DJ Mix Tour. I only noticed slight jitters and laggy moments when playing songs on hard mode and sometimes medium. The game itself is enjoyable for anyone who is a fan of “tap to the beat” style games. I would like to see online leaderboards in a future update as well as online multiplayer if possible (head-to-head DJ battles would be awesome). Also, during songs it would be neat to alter the music such as moving your finger slightly up and down during a held note, giving a wah-wah effect or some alteration to the music. Lastly, the addition of being able to play your music on the mixing tool would be sweet.

Overall, for its reduced price of only $1.99, DJ Mix Tour is definitely worth you picking up. With sixteen catchy beat songs, there’s bound to be one you like. DJ Mix Tour is yet another solid title from Gameloft that doesn’t disappoint in the end.

DJ Mix Tour breaks a beat and a Grab It rating.


App Summary
Title: DJ Mix Tour (v. 1.0.2) Developer: Gameloft
Price: $1.99 App Size: 287 MB
  • 3D graphics
  • Career mode
  • 4 difficulties
  • Mixing tool
  • Awards
  • 16 songs
  • Slight lag problems
  • no online leaderboards
  • Mixing tool has too little options


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