Appigo’s Todo Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)


TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of Appigo’s Todo, arguably the best and most fully featured todo utility on the iDevice. Want it to sync with Toodledo and/or Remember the Milk? Done. Yearning for drag ‘n drop capabilities as well as multiple task lists? Appigo’s got your back. TMA’s Gokunama recently reviewed Todo and gave it our Kiss It rating. At $9.99, it’s definitely not the cheapest todo app out there, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

For a chance to win 1 of 5 codes, first check out our review and watch the video of Todo in action after the jump. Then, submit a comment and let us know what YOU think of Appigo’s app. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close July 12th.

To double your chances of winning, follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT & Follow @TouchMyApps to win 1 of 5 promo codes for Appigo’s Todo ($9.99)!

Firstly, many thanks to Appigo for supplying TouchMyApps with the 5 promo codes for this robust and fully featured Todo app. As well, thank you to all readers who commented and retweeted on Twitter.

Here are the winners for Appigo’s Todo app:

tehelite, Tony, @jlduncan86, Kyle, and @69Pwned

Hope you enjoy using this great productivity app!

  • Kilgore

    Wow. Looks like a pretty amazing app. I’m surprised that I am the first to comment. I think this would be really useful to anybody. Who hasn’t had a todo list that they build and/or work on in multiple places. I’m hopin’ my odds are good. Since nobody else seems to want to comment on this. =\

  • Charlie

    I say “I Do” to “Todo” :)

    I had my eye on appigos app for ages now. I really wish I had just bought it 2 months ago instead of cheaping out and spending 99c here, 1.99$ for todo apps that don’t quite deliver. Of the 4-5 lower priced ones I bought, I could have been using Todo by now. I use Toodledo on my desktop and being able to sync with Todo would be so amazing. Really hope to win this!

  • NineSwords

    This really looks like a neat app.

    Right now I use a combination of the default Calendar and Notes apps to keep track.

  • Raoupp

    This is the app I’d use the most at the moment, because of my starting solicitor career ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • oarivan

    Definitely an amazing looking application. I currently use “Done” from the app store but it’s lack of desktop sync is frustrating. Would love to give this app a shot

  • Gretchen Imbergamo

    This looks great. Using Pocket Informant now but keep hearing about Things.

  • andie

    looks like the perfect companion from someone oc like me. :)

  • Nooooooo!!!! My planner is obsolete! This app looks pretty sophisticated and would be an awesome addition to my ipod touch. I don’t think I would like typing out every task, though.

  • revo

    9.99 is a bit much for me for todo productivity application. I have to admit tho that after watching the video, Todo looks reallly good. Just wish i had the xtra money to buy it if i don’t win.

  • Saroj

    Love ToDo!!! I hope ‘ToWin’, hahahahahah…
    …why is no one laughing???

  • Too bad Appigo is taking their sweet time fixing Todo. It’s currently broken on 3.0 syncing with RTM, and they know it. I’m perfectly happy using RTM’s “free” app (with a pro account). I bought Todo, but I may never use it again after Appigo’s terrible customer service/support.

  • Jebus

    I’ve been using Evernote, but it’s definitely not ideal for a to do list. This looks a lot better- hopefully I’ll be checking this one out soon..

  • Kent

    App looks cool … but can’t comment until I try the app in real time with my never ending to-do list. Pick me please :)

  • Gerry

    Using the free basic To Do’s list. It is just acceptable, could really use a top notch app like this one.

  • atseng

    The app definitely look a lot more complete than the free-1.99 type of To Do lists. Would love to “use” it. Pick me please! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • tehelite

    i’ve been wanting a to do app for a long time.

  • Shane

    Louis knows I have too much to do all the time, which makes Todo perfect for keeping track of everything I need to get done. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Well, actually I think the app is extremely useful for the many settings being shown. I personally like the calendar view since the device’s main calendar doesn’t really set the right scheduling for tasks.

  • Emmanouil

    It looks the pergect app for scheduling things to do. DOn’t have such an app so I cant really compare it to others

  • Dissmas

    I’ve just tried Evernote but I don’t like it. This one seems to be ok anyway. Hope to win this app.

  • michelle

    Todo looks amazing. I have tried a few todo apps and they were all very underwhelming. I just want something with all the bells and whistles AND not hard to use. Thanks for the chance Touchmyapps! You guys rock!

  • SC

    I bought Total Todo last month (cause it was cheap at $0.99). But now that i’ve seen videos for appigo Todo, it will be hard to go back to my app. I’ll have to consider this one in the coming day.

  • Matt

    This is cool! WOW. Todo looks amazing. I would love to have it on my phone.

  • mikameeka

    just downloaded todo lite (free) and I do find it very intuitive! 9.99 seems a bit expensive though for GTD (getting things done) app. Thats why i hope to win this!!! goodluck everyone!

  • Juliana

    This looks like a great todo app! Lots of premium features and interface looks user friendly as well

  • Kyle

    Nice app. I need some organization in my life.

  • Bessamy

    This looks to be one of the best to do apps out there. I have had it on my watch list for a long time. I sure hope I win this one! This app just keeps getting better and better.

    Thanks for the chance to win! =)

  • jackC

    Seems like a great Todo application. Probably will help me be a little more organized with my family life and work too :)

  • Brendon

    I use Omnifocus; I love it and think its a great app. I hope I didn’t over pay fr my todo app.

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