iDroidsMania in Review – Just how far will robots go for love?

idroids1iDroidsMania, by Artificial Life (go figure), is a breath of a fresh air among side-scrollings. While the story may not be completely original, gameplay mechanics and weapons definitely make iDroidsMania a distinct and great play for your iDevice.


The story acts out like any other action platformer whose storyline revolves around love. If you’re familiar with the famous Mario series then you’re already acquainted with the plot in iDroidsMania. The world of iDroidOpia is an interesting and quirky one where the robots are love machines and BabyBots run amuck and in large numbers. The love between hero HAXX and his beloved wife Pixie is impenetrable. That is, until BAD RAMM – the third wheel whom nobody loves – comes along. Jealous and heartbroken BAD RAMM decides he’s had enough of HAXX and kidnaps Pixie and the BabyBots. Bowser anyone? It’s your sole duty to bring back your wife and kids in addition to stopping BAD ARROGANT RAMM once and for all!


iDroidsMania has you adventuring through iDroidOpia through 11 missions and 3 boss battles. The graphics are uniquely presented in the various scenarios and backgrounds in iDroidMania. You encounter new enemies such as bees in their hives, and sharks and will face challenges (like collecting a key to open a door or accessing a portal to teleport to a different part of the level) as you progress through the droid world.


The controls are sadly my biggest gripe about iDroidsMania. There is a directional pad that lets you move HAXX left and right, jump button, activate weapon button, and a wheel to choose your weapon. Sometimes they are unresponsive and rather difficult to jump over enemies or onto platforms. There is also an accelerometer control which worked pretty well, but I still prefer the d-pad despite its issues. To cycle through weapons, swipe a wheel located at the top-right corner of the screen. They include a Zapper, Stealth Suit and even a Goo Shield (which looks oddly familiar.. I believe you can get something familiar from your local pharmacy). Hands down, my favorite weapon is the Lightning Blaster, a gun that obliterates any foes that stand in your path. Each weapon has its own purpose, and in cooperation with its accessories, helps you through levels. A good example of this is the grapple which enables you to swing to platforms as well as kill enemies.

idroids5The background music suits the game well and pairs nicely with the industrial robot themed vibe of the game. There are even scrolling-picutre cut scenes that attempt to captivate the player into the story.

There are personal and online leaderboards for you to upload your score as you progress and eventually finish the game. You can also connect to facebook and see your friends’ scores, another nice touch.


I'm working my way to the top!

The dev’s sense of humor is highly evident throughout the game. At first, I thought it was just my twisted mind seeing things. But, upon further analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not imagining things. To spare our younger readers, I will evade from going into vigorous and horrifying detail over the many accounts of sexual innuendo I encountered. If your thirstily curious mind must be quenched, just pick up the game for yourself and give HAXX a good ol’ recharge – you’ll figure it out.



iDriodsMania’s only negative is its controls. The UI is clean and responsive, but the controls themselves aren’t. In the future I would love to see some new levels and maybe even a different antagonist (BAD RAAM JR. anyone?).

In the end, iDroidsMania is a fun side-scroller for the iDevice that offers some great graphics and a few hours of gameplay. With its quirky humor and decent storyline, iDroidsMania is a solid title that anyone can enjoy for a couple of hours of laughs.

iDroidsMania “grapples” itself a Grab It rating.


App Summary
Title: iDroidsMania (v. 1.0.1) Developer: Artificial Life, Inc.
Price: $0.99 (sale) App Size: 35.5 MB
  • Cutscenes- different weapons
  • 2 control schemes
  • Good graphics
  • Online leaderboards
  • Story
  • Controls


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