Todo in Review – What are the rave reviews all about?

For any who have read my Pocket Informant review, you already know what got me into looking for apps that sync to online services, but for those of you who haven’t read it yet, I’ll give a brief summary of my need for online back up. At first, I depended on the inbuilt notes app and calendar for everything, but my old PC decided to quit syncing my calendar app and contacts to Outlook, and of course my notes, which included my todos simply didn’t sync when I first got my iPhone 3G. To top it all off, backing up my iPhone to iTunes seemed just a colossal waste of my free time.

The first iPhone crash was tolerable, and I thought I knew what triggered it, and avoided pulling that trigger. I laboriously re-entered all my events, todos, and notes (as well as I could anyways). But after the second crash, I was fed up, and desperately started to look for apps which would back up my events, notes, and todos to online services.


At first I tried Zenbe (which was free at that time), and it was all right. But I kept looking at Todo, thinking “that’s a right decent looking todo app”, and one day I gave into my impulse and bought it (I do that too often with apps these days). I love the icon, a simple squarish checkmark on royal blue, all glossed over. Simple but cool. I began to set up a Toodledo account, and getting my lists and todos sorted out. Syncing Todo to Toodledo was flawless, and it has remained fast and reliable. I’ve never had anything not completely sync.


The lists are easy to create or delete, and I found myself creating a lot of lists for everything from todos to projects to music I wanted to buy. But after looking at the all lists (smartview wasn’t in the app then), I found myself lost among things like movies I wanted to see, music I wanted to pick up, and lots of other stuff. Picking out actual todos amidst all that was simply not efficient. But as I looked through the app settings, I found a list filter for the all list, and it let me uncheck lists I didn’t want showing up in that master list. Well, that made things a whole lot more efficient.


The app has tags and it also has contexts: something I hadn’t used till I started using Pocket Informant (also syncs to Toodledo). At that time, tasks had four options, task, call someone, email someone, or visit website. The latter three are all supported with live links. Something I found to be immensely useful is recurring tasks. Here for instance, you can set ‘pay rent’ to recur on the 25th of every month. It also has some nice options like strikeout style for completed tasks: a variety that ranges from crayon strikeouts to blended colors, to ‘gone fishing’ to daises, to ‘under construction’.

After closing the Todo, I noticed there was a badge with the number of due and overdue tasks. Annoying! I can’t relax if I’m constantly reminded there’s some things that need to be done. Reopened the app, rummaged around settings, and found an option to turn the badge off. Relief!

todo5Some recent additions have made an awesome app…… awesomer. A choice of icons sets for priority marking along with tasks with lists, tasks with subtasks, locations, and SMS someone have squeezed into recent updates. The functions, ‘task with a list’ and ‘task with subtasks’ took me a while to figure out (I’m supposing the damned tutorial is on Appigo’s website – why couldn’t they provide an in app help section?). After ‘getting it’, lists is just simply a list with a choice for type of task, and subtasks include due dates, contexts, and all other options.

The date selector now takes you to a monthview calendar, and selecting a date on monthview is without doubt easier and faster than the roll to date thing they had before (and which the inbuilt calendar uses). All lists can be color coded, and all tasks belonging to that list carry the assigned color. Each list displays the number of total tasks as well as a red tab that shows the number of overdue tasks.


There are two things that I forgot to mention. First, while synced to Toodledo, the app can also sync to Remember The Milk (for $25 a year after a two month free trial). In order to sync a task with a list or subtasks, you need a Toodledo Pro subscription which is also $25.

Overall, the interface is easy and I haven’t experienced any lag, ever. Todo is an awesome todo app! If you don’t also need a desktop app (e.g. Remember The Milk or Toodledo online services suffice); and you don’t need subtasks within subtasks, then this app will do all you need with speed, simplicity, and some nice graphics. Todo is worth more than the Â¥1200 ($10US) I spent on it.


App Summary
Title: ToDo (v2.0.1) Developer: Appigo
Price: $9.99 App Size: 1.4 mb
  • Efficient
  • Various task options
  • User created list*
  • Great interface
  • Simple but great graphics
  • List filters*
  • Syncs to two different online services
  • Pretty minor really, but there’s no tutorial within the app.


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