iPhone 3GS: 6.7x the speed of the 3G – なんとiPhone 3Gより6.7倍も早い!


In light of recent news, it is only fitting that another hardcore app, Firemint seamy, unapproved racer is barred from the App Store. Like Allen Leung’s Hottest Girls which should return armed with beefier bikinis and fewer nipple shots, Firemint have a hard-core version of their racer that likely won’t fit Apple’s stringent approval system.

The skinny? The ‘tech demo’ as it is dubbed, features more rubber, more steam and a greater affinity for crashes and dangerous situations – it is simply that hard-core. (video after the jump)

I’ll let someone with a trained noodle do the maths, but it seems like the 3GS, which can push 40 cars versus the 6 cars of 3G is roughly 6,666667x the speed of the iPhone 3G. What does that mean? Well, with a CPU only 12% speedier, the new SGX PowerVR graphics chip must be a Donnavan Bailey patented design.

After that downer, I hope that the 4,5 App Store rated racer will not dissatisfy the ‘real racers’ out there.

Firemint, Real Racing, 9.99$, 63.2MB
Real Racing

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