Zenonia Update 1.1 – Tweaks aplenty


If you are a fan of the hugely popular Zenonia, you will undoubtedly enjoy the 1.1 update which was just released yesterday. As testament to the RPG’s popularity, there is already a growing number of reviews for the update at the App Store that praise the game and its much-needed updates. Check out Young’s great review of Zenonia if you have not had a chance to play yet and our interview with a Gamevil assasin. Of course I am already tooling around the world listening to Armin van Buuren rather than the somewhat repetitive tunes of Zenonia’s world thanks to their BGM updates and iTunes playback, but some of the other updates are just as good.

  • D-Pad Control updated (wider touch area and transparencies added)
  • Inventory navigation improved
  • Sound – optional BGM on/off and playback of iTunes content
  • Balancing durability/hunger time adjusted
  • Typos and minor glitches

Gamevil, Zenonia, 5.99$, 9.5MB

In future updates, I look forward to iTunes library control which will enhance certain RPG environments. As an assassin who supports the Dragon Clan, Nick Cave could also come in handy for a bit of mood music. This time, I am stuck at the beginning as I stupidly forgot to back up my iPod touch before suffering a catastrophe. Oh well, those 17 hours may never come back, but at least they will be fun.

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