Sony’s Walkman versus Apple’s iPod – Scott Campbell’s 13-year-old deductions

Courtesy the BBC

Courtesy the BBC

I’ll admit to being a little slow. Or perhaps I’ve just made the sad mistake of comparing myself to the nearly wired-from-birth kids of today – a reason that helps me delight in 13-year-old Scott Campbell’s decision to slum it with Sony’s now archaic original Walkman for a few days. My first cassette tape player nearly fit in the overly baggy sk8tr jeans of my 14-year-old self; the fact that one leg of my jeans could swallow my entirep waist unfortunately didn’t help the tape player to comfortably fit into a pocket. Nearly everyone over 20 is likely to have at least held one of these for a few minutes. But a hallowed few have owned and collected cassette tape players, debated their sound quality in forums and still promote the classic portable platform. Scott, on the other hand, had no idea there was another side to a cassette tape!

Despite bemoaning its horrid battery life, penchant for eating tapes and Cadillac-sized proportions, the 13-year-old gives props to the antique music player for its 2nd built-in headphone jack. The article is a humorously-written discovery that pits the sensibilities of today against technology’s no-holds-barred evolution.

Take a look at the full BBC article here.

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