Headphone Bites – hot hot products for summer!


Monster's unique Beats Tour

Canada day cometh to TouchMyApps in just a dozenor so odd hours, but we are already celebrating with a rush of great headphone news. This month and next, we will be reviewing a great range of headphones from the cost-conscious Head-Direct RE2 to the cost-no-object custom from in-ear’s audio god, the Jerry Harvey JH13Pro. Of course, the middle will hold some other great options and a few surprises that we just have to keep secret for a bit.

Of note, Monster’s Beats Tour edition popped over to these shores to much personal rejoicing. I couldn’t help but take a listen in order to spout that first impressions are very good. We will also be getting closer looks at other Jays products, a super spy-secretive Monster earphone and some great products from Crossroads.

Needless to say, this summer is going to sizzle the ears of headphone fans, so listen up.

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