Apple’s iPhone Availability – There or not?


If you have had trouble locating a store that stocks the 3GS, you understand the same frustration that thousands of other potential buyers across the USA are experiencing. Apple’s 3rd generation iPhone is simply hot and some stores are not able to keep them on the shelves. Thanks to Apple, a new Webpage has been set up to direct users to stores that should stock the phone.

iPhone Availability Webpage

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be the same tool available to Canadian and other international customers. However, if you are in the USA, the page is easy to follow, allowing you to select your State, followed by an automatic display of inventory where a green circle means available and a red box means unavailable.

In other news, I am sniffing at the Korean launch of the iPhone – an event that has been stymied for years by the intensely competitive telecom giants and Korea’s unsympathetic electronic pillar: Samsung.

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