ToonsWare to bring Editorial Cartoons to App Store


Coming across a comic book app is a fairly common sight nowadays at the App Store. You have your individually packaged comic apps like Transformers and Terminator, and then there are those that allow you to upload your very own collection to be enjoyed on the go, like Comicstrips Comic Viewer. But what if you’re into a different kind of cartoon or comic strip? You know, the ones that poke fun of politicians and comment on current world events through often humorous illustrations. If editorial cartoons are your cup of tea then, you’re definitely going to want to check out the soon to be released ToonsWare.

Developed by VentureDNA and in partnership with Tribune Media Services, ToonsWare will bring you the best in editorial cartoons syndicated from over 600 newspapers, all delivered daily to the comfort of your iPhone. Not only will it feature top syndicated cartoonists Chan Lowe, Matt Davies, Walt Handelsman and Wayne Stayskal (to name a few), the app will also allow you to rate, comment, save to favorites and even send the ones you like to friends/family via email.

ToonsWare has already been submitted to the App Store for approval, so barring any delay on Apple’s end, it should be released sometime today (June 29th). At the introductory price of $2.99, ToonsWare looks to be both fully featured and highly polished, not to mention one of a kind at the App Store. If you’re a fan of editorial cartoons and like the idea of getting your daily fix all in one place, be sure to keep an eye for out for this much welcomed and handy iDevice app.

App Features Include:

  • Editorial Cartoons from The Left (Liberal), The Right (Conservative) and Middle of the Road
  • Sort by Cartoonist
  • Set up your personal settings to view cartoons by type and artist
  • Daily updates
  • Share favorites with friends via email
  • Subscribe and create a favorites list that you can have published
  • Rate cartoons and comment

The ToonsWare app for the Apple iPhone delivers the best in Editorial and Political cartoons and will soon be available for wireless mobile devices staring with the iPhone (on June 29th, 2009), RIM and Google.

Developed in partnership with Tribune Media Services and featuring well known syndicated cartoonists.

For centuries, editorial cartoons have migrated from private parlor showings to internationally syndicated publications conveying the unique combination of politics and art with journalism, and rendering social concerns or political views as a creative expression that is shared on a national and global level. This form of graphic satire has remained a strong part of the social order by contributing to changing the status quo, creating lively banter, raising social concerns, and spurring people to fight for change.

Editorial cartoonists take social commentary beyond the boundaries of the written word, influence public opinion, and inspire debate from all sides on topical political issues. Editorial cartoons speak to everyone, without needing to be translated.

  • Hey this does look promising. I will watch for it this week in iTunes. Personally I hate missing these cartoons and rarely have time for the paper these days. Good times!

  • Abster

    Love editorial cartoon but got no time for newsweek or newspaper. This oughta keep us updated with the latest scandals. :)

  • perry

    funny enough, I was looking for an app just last week that specialized in editorial comics. I couldn’t find any so ToonWare will be a sure buy for me. Definitely looks good…

  • It’s official – VentureDNA announces the release of ToonsWare for Sale in the iTunes App Store VentureDNA, the developer of ToonsWare now available in the Apple iTunes App Store and Features Syndicated Editorial Cartoons through a Partnership with Tribune Media Services. – for link to the Press Release or go to the App Store – keyword: toonsware

    thanks for your support and we hope you get ToonsWare today!!

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