That Ain’t It! Trivia Game in Review – Is it or Isn’t it?


Another day, another trivia game released with the same old take on things. Or is it? Developer IMAK Creations has released a new trivia title in which there is a twist (the audiences gasps at the news of a twist). The objective is not to select the correct answer to the question asked. That would be too simple and I think it’s been done before, hasn’t it? Anyways, the goal here is to select the answer that is incorrect! Sounds easy right? Not so fast my friend! With multiple topics, a large database of questions that will continue grow and add in some unlockable gameplay modes, That Ain’t It presents a fun yet challenging experience.

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Upon starting the app, you must first create your own user profile in one of the six available slots. Once the profile has been set up, you’ll enter the Game Show mode in which your goal is to answer 10 questions to win one million dollars. The wheel of fate will appear and you can touch anywhere on your screen to give that bad boy a spin. Whichever way lady luck works for you, it’ll land on one of eight categories: World, Culture, Media, Sports, Science, Words, US History and Nature.


With the value of the first question being one dollar, you begin your quest to join the ever so exclusive millionaires club by attempting to answer all ten questions correctly. Now with the difficulty increasing as you climb up the ladder of questions, it would be nice if you had some help right? Well today is your lucky day my friend! Built into the game are four lifelines that can be used at your discretion. You can swap out the question for a different one under the same topic, request a 50/50 where the system removes two incorrect answers, choose a whole new category if you don’t like the topic you’ve landed on and last but not least, add an extra 30 seconds onto your timer (that way you can take a little longer if you’re trying to google your answer).

To add more variety to the gameplay, there is also a mode called Speed Trivia, which is unlocked when you win $250,000 in the game show mode. Once available for play, strap on your seatbelts because two minutes will go onto the clock and it’s a trivia battle royale as you have to answer as many questions as possible in the allotted amount of time.


The main downfall to That Ain’t It is that the difficulty is definitely on the harder side of things. To some (aka hardcore trivia fans), they would say that’s a good thing, but for most I could see this as a negative. Luckily you do have those lifelines because you are going to need them.  Also, since this is a trivia game, there isn’t much you can do as far as animations go within the rounds of questions; but if IMAK Creations can find a way to add a rewards system of sorts during the actual gameplay (see Ben Stein: It’s Trivial), it can help spice up the action. Finally, adding a multiplayer challenge mode could make That Ain’t It an even more unique trivia experience, considering how the majority of trivia apps don’t support multiplayer and/or online play.

At the end of the day, it is a trivia game; what separates it from others in the genre though is its unique spin in which you must select the incorrect answer. Add that with all of the features this application has to offer, such as the 999 questions (and counting), 2 game play modes (one unlockable), 2 leader boards, 8 categories and facebook support, That Ain’t It should please fans on the look out for more trivia fun.


App Summary
Title: That Ain’t It! ( v1.1 ) Developer: IMAK Creations
Price: $1.99 App Size: 7.4 MB
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • New Twist
  • Presents a challenge
  • $1.99 could turn non trivia fans off
  • Questions can be too challenging for some


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