My Brute in Review – Violence Has Never Been So Entertaining


So what is My Brute? If you’re familiar with the online flash game, My Brute is a mix of Super Smash Bros and a street gang war – it’s all action packed fighting with items and abilities, except you have no control over it. BulkyPix, the developers behind the the thriller game Hysteria Project, have ported the web version of My Brute to the iDevice. But since that doesn’t explain the whole story, the web version can be found here. It’s a simple yet fun flash title based on automated fights between virtual characters called “brutes”. Typing in a name generates a new brute profile, in which the player can then go to the arena and choose their battles.


Anyone with experience with the web-based My Brute should know that this isn’t really a “game”. It’s more of a pyramid scheme merged with a progressive half-baked role-play, but we call it a game because it’s fun nonetheless. The player has the ability to create brutes and challenge other players’ brutes to fight in the arena in an all-out 1v1 battle to the end. The concept is surprisingly entertaining, even if it’s based on the gruelling Colosseum fights of Ancient Rome. Coupled with the colorful cartoon-like graphics (no blood effects), the web-based My Brute has almost 2 million web hits each day worldwide.

BulkyPix’s iDevice version has no data connection to the web-based flash; it’s hosted on their own server (requires internet access to play!). That didn’t stop the masses of players from starting anew on the mobile platform though. Since there are distinct differences between the new App Store version and the original flash, I base my overview on the mobile.


Upon creating a new brute, you then hit the arena for combat. Each brute has different stats, and as they level up from fighting in the arena, they gain new abilities, weapons, and pets to aid them in future battles . These extras contribute significantly to the fighting, and there is an almost rock-paper-scissors theme to it.

Each fight you initiate in the arena will give your brute experience. Winning a fight gains 2 exp, losing a fight gains 1 exp, and losing without even touching your opponent (aka getting blown up) will not gain any exp. Each level, your brute will gain a stat and a bonus in the form of a weapon/ability/pet. Although it seems boring at first with the back and forth punching at level 1, My Brute quickly becomes more action-packed (swords, hammers, and bears, oh my!)


As with custom to the online version, fighting in My Brute is limited to a certain number per day. Each brute on the mobile version has the ability to fight 5 times every 24 hours, with exception to the first day, which is 6 fights. This feature ensures that the player who wants to win must make the right decisions on who to fight.

Finally, a major aspect of My Brute is the pyramid scheme, better known as getting other players to join your dojo as pupils. This is somewhat like the many code-collecting MMO games, except in My Brute each person can only have one master, and the pupils will also give the master experience each time they level up. Additionally, gaining pupils allows for the master to unlock bonus features such as more slots to create brutes and extra arena backgrounds. The pupil will also gain a 3 day double experience bonus and a stat bonus based on the type of dojo joined.

mybrute5However, the certain downside to the dojo system is the fact that the pupil must have bought the full version of the game for the master to take advantage of the experience. Additionally, the pupil is then faced with the problem of having to gain pupils in order to unlock bonuses. The reason for this being a complaint for some reviewers/players is that the full value of the game lies in having everything unlocked. In just starting out, the player only has the ability to create 3 brutes. And not everyone has the methods or ability to get friends to shell $5 to join. The lite version does offer the same deal, though to a much lesser extent.

Graphically, My Brute is enriched with colorful visuals. It reminded me a bit of the free PC game “Little Fighter” in a way, and despite being cartoonish, it remains popular amongst all ages. There is the occasional graphical glitch during fights, but most of the time it’s the action being watched.

My Brute on iDevice also features “kung-fu” style background music and sound effects in battle. As of OS 3.0, players can also make their own playlist from their iPod library to play in-game.

mybrute7Despite the downsides of limited play, I still recommend My Brute to players looking for some daily entertainment, especially when they might be in a rush and only have a few minutes to spare, perhaps on their coffee break at work. Bulkypix has promised more features added to the game soon, and in the future we may even see tournaments like the web version. For now, I’m all with the popularity and hype that comes with My Brute and say “Grab It” while you can to get ahead.


App Summary
Title: My Brute (v1.5) Developer: Bulkypix
Price: $4.99 App Size: 20.8 MB
  • Very colorful and entertaining.
  • Graphics are well balanced.
  • Fun gameplay
  • Variety in weapons, skills and pets
  • Pyramid recruiting scheme is a bit flawed for the bottom level.
  • Limited play time per day (may not be worth it for some)
  • Slightly expensive at $4.99


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