Tired of OS 3.0’s new functionality? Click here to Downgrade and go Oldschool


Prefer the Old School? If you do, you can definitely downgrade, but be sure check the chart below to downgrade properly. Follow the steps outlined and you will have a brand new old iDevice for your Jailbreaking pleasure or just for bragging to your friends that your model ain’t the latest, but the longest in the tooth.

All of the ipsw (iPod Software) files below link to Apple’s download servers. They are not hosted at TMA. Click on the icon above each column to reference the device you have and check the chart for a  symbol and the corresponding firmware at the left. Note: not all firmware works with every model. Also, PAID denotes iPod touch firmware and is only accessible if you have paid through your iTunes account. Those files are locked by Apple, so we cannot provide links. Click a  to download your chosen ipsw file.

iDevice Firmware:



iPhone 2G


iPhone 3G


iPhone 3GS


iPod touch 1G


iPod touch 2G

1.0 
1.0.1 
1.0.2 
1.1 
1.1.1  
1.1.2  
1.1.3  
1.1.4  
1.1.5 
2.0   PAID
2.0.1   PAID
2.0.2   PAID
2.1   PAID 
2.2   PAID 
2.2.1   PAID 
3.0    PAID PAID

In order to downgrade your firmware, you must first:
NOTE: TMA are not responsible for what you do with these files. These are for reference and for our readers to experiment with. Make sure you back up your iDevice before attempting to install an old firmware.

1. Launch iTunes with your iDevice connected to your compuer.
2. Press and hold both the home (round) button and Sleep/Power (the square one on the top. Your iDevice should restart.

3. After exactly 10 seconds, release the Sleep/Power button while still depressing the Home button for a few seconds. Release the home button.
4. iTunes will inform you that a new iPhone or iPod is in recovery mode (or in our case, DFU mode). You can restore your iPod to the firmware you downloaded. If you are in OSX, option-click the ‘Restore’ iTunes button or, if you have Windows, shift-click the restore button. A finder/explorer window will open and prompt you to choose the ipsw (iPod Software) file and restore your iDevice.

5. Once restored, you can choose either: to restore the iDevice from a backup (if compatible) or set it up as a new device.


Congratulations, you have now Downgraded your iDevice!

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