Live Happy in Review – Like going to the fun shrink!


I am not an Oprah fan. Dr. Phil has always scared me, and I don’t read self help books. I simply am not a believer. With that said, Live Happy is an excellent app which can be useful for anyone. It is backed up by research, statistics and the opinions of a whole slew of people who have been positively affected by it.

In a nutshell, Live Happy is an interactive positive-psychology book. You follow a curriculum of sorts that teaches pithy lessons about happiness and requires you to complete certain activities that will affect your happiness. It monitors your goals, demeanor and immediate mood to assess how to positively affect your success in life.

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Activities are broken into the following categories: savor, social, thank, explore, strive and optimism. Most will have you write about an event or a goal and sometimes, you will reflect on good moments in your life. To tell you the truth, these activities are incredibly pragmatic – almost to the point of being silly. But, the truth is that the ones I first thought childish, like writing about a cherished moment, had great effect on my immediate mood.

I have let various places in my life fall to shambles, not because I don’t think they are important, but because I am complacent. Live Happy reminds me of several counselling and therapy sessions I have had – sessions that had immediate positive effects on my personal satisfaction.

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As an app, Live Happy is extremely easy to use. Everything is entrenched in a hierarchical menu system that leads to and from activities, journals, settings and explanatory videos. It also interacts with other sections of your iDevice like photos, internet and a collection of videos that are located on Signal Patterns’ website.

The only dampening factor that Live Happy has against it is the sometimes clunky GUI response. Taps don’t always register and sometimes, screens will stall. It would also be nice to have landscape keyboard editing. Signal Patterns need to address these awkward points to have a truly kiss-worthy app.

At the risk of belittling the purpose of Live Happy, I will say that the pursuit of happiness – the personal goal of many who will download this app – is a serious affair. Years ago, I attended counselling with trepidation and a noncommittal attitude. But, realising a better way to live and adapting methods to appropriate that better way is not a stupid pursuit – it is one of the best ways you can attain success in every area of your life.

My favourite feature of Live Happy is the timeline.  It shows all the activities, surveys, etc., you have taken and is a great way to compare your life in a ‘before and after’ juxtaposition.

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Live Happy (free) is not free as its title would suggest, but a 20-activity trial app. For people who are very busy and don’t have time to really run Live Happy through its rigors,  the trial may end too soon. It is a shocker to suddenly have your demo lose its batteries. Fortunately, Live Happy can be upgraded in-app, but the demo may not be enough of a sample to make the decision to buy the full version.

Signal Patterns should release a longer trial of the app or change the name, but otherwise, they have a hit. The activities are, if performed with devotion and in a timely manner, helpful and in some cases, eye opening. For 6.99$, the full version provides users with non-expiring software and direct contact with Dr. Sonya Lyubomirsky, author of Live Happy’s reference material.

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Is it worth 6.99$? Probably. But in my demo, I couldn’t help but hurry through activities, read the literature and watch the tutorial videos in expectation that my version will expire. If you are serious about pursuing happiness and feel that you could benefit from this app, then purchase Live Happy’s full version, it will be worth your time and money. Remember, however, that you need to spend time completing the activities and be as honest as you can to yourself.

Live Happy Free is a good app that suffers from a misleading name and some GUI problems, but it has great potential. TouchMyApps dubs Live Happy a Tap worthy app.

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App Summary
Title: Live Happy (Free) (V 1.0) Developer: Signal Patterns
Price: Free App Size: 7.6 MB
  • Great hierarchical menu system
  • Easy to use activities
  • Fully interactive – if used, can be a great way to raise overall happiness
  • Great timeline
  • GUI sometimes lags
  • Free should be labelled “free” as this is a time-limited demo
  • Should have a different demo that is feature-limited, not cut off after 12 activities


(This article as been edited to reflect the developer’s addition of 8 more activations in the free version).

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