iChoose in Review – The App for the irresolute, the spontaneous, the penniless


One of the first apps I downloaded as OS 2.0 hit up my iPod touch for 10$ was the free iChoose. It is a life-saver at times when I don’t have a coin, a beer coaster, card deck or straw handy. I have chosen dates, places to eat and when to buy milk – all from the sage advice given by this mighty app.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that I am not joking. Out of secondary school, my decision back to Sweden for Bible School was largely based on the flip of a coin. It was Bible School or entering uni and I ‘chose’ well, I think.

iChoose is simple. You have a few options to tweak in the Settings menu of your iDevice (the most upsetting part of this app), but the rest is self-explanatory. You can choose from the following decision enhancers: coin toss, card chooser, random number generator, roshambo, broken hearts, red/black, boy/girl, quit/stay, weather and left or right turn.

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If you just cannot decide whether to grab a beer or go for tea, a coin toss works wonders. But, if your situation is more intricate – say you want to play hooky from work – you might get lucky with the random weather generator. Friends at the beach and your boss expects you in that air-conditioned halogen prison? Pray for snow to pop up in iChoose. Got a baby coming? Can’t make it to hospital to check the gender? Buy your entire baby’s wardrobe with iChoose’s (spelling?) help. The boy/girl option really does have use.

For the price (sic), iChoose is polished, has many, many options and will likely put a grin on your face. Or, if you are quite the enterprising involunteer, much more than a smile. I whole-heartedly recommend iChoose. Not only is it free, but it is well-polished and fun.

iChoose gets a sloppy Kiss from TMA!


App Summary
Title: iChoose (V 2.1) Developer: Talee Talee
Price: FREE App Size: 2.6MB
  • Improved graphics
  • app gets updated
  • so many random results
  • you might find yourself on a flight to Korea!
  • can help you quit your job!
  • settings are buried in the ‘setting’ app, not within iChoose


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