New Platformer ‘Plushed’ Revealed

plushed_bannerblacksmith games has recently sent us word of their very first iDevice title, an upcoming platformer called Plushed. Set in a fairytale world where a little girl is queen, you must take control of her royal plushies, travese through ‘haunted meadows and creepy castles’ and ultimately defeat the evil voodoo mouse and his gang of wacky minions. While we’ve seen this kind of story play out a million times before (save the princess, restore order to the kingdom), blacksmith games attempts to set themselves apart with some unique gameplay and a very likeable, not to mention reluctant hero in the bunny rabbit.

Control different items with your finger or by shaking your iPhone to attract enemies, defeat level bosses, to solve tasks and to do many other exciting things. Furthermore plushed offers over 20 unique and unprecedented characters. Every character has different qualities, which will amaze you. The game’s design has a distinct visual style that merges the happy world of childhood fairytales with a somewhat macabre twist and dark humor.

Judging from the early screenshots of Plushed, the game is looking like its coming along nicely, showing off some great hand-drawn backgrounds and character design. To get the ball rolling, blacksmith games is also letting you, the gamer, decide on its launch price. The more people that follow them @blacksmithgames on twitter, the lower the price. Currently, there are 414 people following them, making the game $4.99. If the follower count reaches 2,000, we’ll then have a very promising platformer for only $0.99. Sweeeet!

Game Features

  • more than 20 unique and funny characters from a pizzaeater to a batcow
  • unique gameplay
  • marvelous story
  • hand-drawn backgrounds and game assets
  • professional character animations
  • 3 world bosses you have to defeat
  • 9 big and unique levels
  • different game modes to replay the levels
  • 4 minigames for more fun
  • original soundtrack
  • designed specifically for the iPhone
  • utilizes its touch specific features as well as the built-in accelerometer
  • …and many more surprises


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