My Brute Promo Code Giveaway! (closed)

mybrute_promoTouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of the highly addictive and unique MMO fighter, My Brute. Developed by Bulkypix, the brains behind the fun interactive game Hysteria Project, My Brute is an online experience where you take your personalized ‘brutes’ and challenge players from around the world. Fighting is all done via automated turn-based combat sequences, but it is well implemented and just as enjoyable. As your character levels up and defeats more foes, new weapons, skills and even sidekicks will be made available to you in your quest to become the most feared brute of all. I highly recommend you give the free online version a play through and see how addictive it can be watching your prized fighter plummel your up-to-no-good counterpart.

To win a copy of My Brute, simply leave a comment and tell us the name(s) of a game you found to be truly unique and addictive on the iDevice. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close June 26th.

As well be sure to follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT & Follow @TouchMyApps to win 1 of 5 My Brute Promo Codes!

Thanks for the comments folks. If you didn’t win a code this time round, be sure to try out My Brute Lite, the free version that will give you a good taste of the game on the iDevice.

And the winners…are…


Enjoy My Brute fellas and see you in the ring!

Game Description
My Brute is a crazy, off-the-wall game of combat that gives you the chance to challenge fighters from all over the world.
You simply take on a series of challenges, gain experience, unlock new skills and crush your enemies with ever-greater speed.

My Brute is easy to access and allows you to:

  • Create and personalise up to 8 brutes.
  • Invite other players to become your pupils.
  • Open your own dojo and find yourself a master worthy of this title.
  • Fight up to 5 opponents a day.
  • Discover and master more than 70 skills and weapons.
  • Unlock up to 8 battle arenas
  • Have discussions with other players from around the world via Open Feint
  • Challenge your friends on Facebook Connect


  • Xerox

    Oh my god the best game is Rolando!

  • Games I found unique and addicting on the iPhone would be Topple, Edge, and Shift.

  • Turkey Hunt seems to be addictive. Love the locking and load technique and fire as a Shotgun.

    Its Fun!!

  • bngo16

    ColorDrops. It’s simple, fun, addictive and has a different ways to match the balls. It has three unique modes of play and I like how it updates an online global scoreboard after each play.

  • Coal

    Isotope. Awesome game that is like GeoWars but has so many differences (for the better) you can only say it has it’s origins in it.

  • Mr. Charley

    Zen Bound as one of the most unique on the idevice

  • Betsunin

    Azkend, i just can’t stop playing.
    May the luck be with you.

  • Jeremy

    Rolando, The Creeps are both unique in there own way

  • Zach

    I’d have to say Zen Bound, Sway and Rolando. They all have very unique controls made exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

    PS: I don’t have a twitter account… does that mean I have no chance of winning the giveaway?

  • Servetovictory

    Fieldrunners and Flight Control. Great. Defender Chronicles might make it up there soon.

  • Lorena

    Flight control is the most adictive game

  • atseng

    I have to say one that I found to be truly unique and addictive is Fieldrunner b/c it’s one of the very first TD games that I played.

    Non-unique but addictive – Tris (no longer available, :( ), Stonloops.

    Unique, but non-addictive (too short) – Shift – completely awesome and different way to go about gaming!

  • Irene

    I feel Creeps, Toki Tori, Defense chronicles, Fieldrunners, Peggle, Zenonia, Baseball Sluggers: Home Run Race 3D are truly unique and addictive on the iDevice.

    These are the games I cannot get enough on my iPod Touch.

  • Daniel

    Very addicted to Zenonia. I’m also a big fan of Fieldrunners although lately I’ve being playing more of Defender Chronicles.

  • ChessGeek

    The following games really use the iphone controls well.

    Real Racing
    Sky Burger
    Baseball Slugger 3d

    These game are excellent!

  • Louis

    Hey Zach. By having a twitter account and retweeting our msg, it just means that it will give you another ballot in the random draw. So if you don’t have one yet, Twitter up and follow us :)

  • Cory Kilger

    I really like Tap Memory, but then I did create it.

  • Emmanouil

    Aurora Feint was my first game and the most addictive.
    Reign of swords and Uniwar are also great.

  • My new favorite game is let’s golf!!! It’s a 1.99$ app and the graphics look amazing on my 3GS!!! I love this game!! Check it out and review it!! Follow me on Twitter for lots of great info on EVERYTHING iPhone!!!

  • Gerald

    This is an easy one. Zenbound is by far the most unique game on my iphone. (or at least of the ones i’ve tried). I’ve never played anything like it and its just addictive trying to make the most use of the rope and cover the objects

  • Dissmas

    Everyone will agree one of the absolutely top appstore games is Peggle, pure must have.

  • susan

    normally, i’m not a big fan of mmo type games….but! My Brute looks like a really cute and fun title.

    I would say most unique and fun are Trism and Ocarina (technically speaking, not really a “game”)

  • chupschups

    Most addictively ‘unique’ experience = StickWars!!! :)

  • Steve

    Come on! No one’s mentioned Touchgrind? That is single handedly da most unique game on the idevice. Sure its hard, but heck ones you get the hang of it, you can’t put it down

  • Nathan Go

    Definitely Flick Fishing. Can’t get enough of it!

  • Shane

    What a big turnout!
    Defender Chronicles. I just bought this game and it’s indeed an interesting twist on tower defence, with a side of RPG style. However, I wouldn’t really call it “unique” to the iDevice since it would be playable on other systems if it was ported.
    In that case, my choice is much harder. Touchgrind then would be the best option. It’s not a game made for a computer screen and keyboard.

  • Jason

    I love my Topple!

  • Gabriel X

    I’m a huge fan of iDracula

  • KefkaNinja

    My favorite is The Creeps!

  • LostUtopian

    My all time fav is still Doodle Jump. Simple,yet addicting

  • JinKazama

    I love Let’s Golf and Peggle. So good

  • CowboyStorm

    I think Bloons is pretty unique :)

  • Texter3000

    Colorjam was pretty unique, and still is addicting

  • tehElite

    sally’s spa.
    its pretty addicting

  • Robert

    The creeps is great, I love the pocket god monsters

  • Inque

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  • matizpro

    join my snake dojo-

  • sodafa

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