Ping Pong in Review – An idiotic addition to a tired genre


Put away your credit cards and your cameras: there’s nothing to see here and no reason to buy tickets. Ping pong is the onomatopoetic alliteration of a ball hitting a bat in the game of table tennis. It is also a threat I sometimes hear when big blokes with garden hoses and mesh-backed hats remark,”I gonna go ping pong on yo’ apps, yeah”, and the like. People who play don’t say stuff like that. But, I’m sure that LOLriffic Stuff, maker of Ping Pong do (say stuff like that).

This will be short, really I mean it. Ping Pong is not a game really. It is a perception challenge. If you perceive that you should swing your iDevice, do it. If you perceived incorrectly, then adjust your timing. Here is a hint: wait for the sound of a ball bouncing, if you have perceived the right instant, move the iPhone/bat and then repeat the process. Score and the crowd goes wild as the old saying goes (cool, I used goes in two timez in the same sentence!). If you make a shot, you will be encouraged. Miss and you will be encouraged to try harder.

While games do go one a bit (they never end), there is no scoring and for some reason, the opponent always lets you serve. Sounds like marriage (wow, I cannot believe I thought of that myself!). But at the price of 00$, Ping Pong is almost worth the download, at least for a few giggles until you and Apple realise that LOLriffic are probably some phishing company who want nothing else than to get into your computer and lure you to ‘accept’ a PayPal gift or send out an item that you ‘have’ been remitted for. Before you download, randomly reload your browser. If you download, get ready to wipe your iDevice as this app is another for the Terrible app pile.


App Summary
Title: Ping Pong (V 1.1) Developer: LOLrrific Stuff
Price: Mo Money! App Size: 5.5 MB
  • The whole app


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