Family Guy in Review – Giggity Giggity!


America’s favorite dysfunctional family has finally made it to the iDevice. Sorry Homer and company, but we’re talking about the Griffin family! Fox’s wildly popular animated show now has their official Freakin’ Sweet App! You can watch video clips of some of the wildest Family Guy scenes to ever exist, such as Glen Quagmire asking which of Meg’s friends wants to lose their virginity first. Or how about Tricia Takanawa’s special report on sex with a random guy who turns out to be Quagmire? If video clips are not enough, there are plenty of other features that will keep you chuckling along.

App Description

Presenting the official FOX Family Guy iPhone application!

Family Guy, Fox’s Emmy-award winning animated comedy, comes to the iPhone with this freakin’ sweet application.

Watch clips, toss Peter, create a Stewie pin-up, build your own Freakin’ Sweet Video Mix – all in one app!

If you’re a fan of Family Guy or world domination, then this is the app for you!

This app is optimized for WiFi.

familyguy_review3As of right now, there are 25 video clips from some of Family Guy’s funniest scenes. They are broken down into categories such as New Today, Evening News, Freakin’ Family Life, Life of Lois and Everyone Hates Meg. Each section contains 5 video clips which have durations of roughly 45 seconds to a minute. Hopefully with the addition of future updates, this database will grow larger, with Fox Mobile Entertainment including more character clips as well . I mean where is Mayor Adam West, Greased up deaf guy, Ollie Williams & Bruce the performance artist?

Until the additions of more clips being added, there is an alternative feature to keep you busy: Freakin’ Sweet Mixer. You can create your own mix of videos by dragging individual clips into a timeline and share those mixes with others who own the app. Once again, more content needs to be added to maximize the potential of the mixer.



To sidetrack you from the video options, included in this application is the Stewie Pin up. With interchangeable head shots and body images, you can make a one of a kind image of Stewart Gilligan Griffin himself. Want to shake things up? Take it out on Peter in the Peter Toss. By swiping or shaking your screen, you can toss him around your iDevice while he shout’s out phrases like “Boobies!”, “I’m your daddy” and “Awesome!”

familyguy_review2Overall, this app has tons of potential but currently, it’s certainly lacking content. If weekly or even regular video clips are added with more of our favorite characters, then the sky is the limit. Until then, catch a rerun of the show on FOX or TBS. If you’re a diehard fan of Family Guy, then this app will definitely provide you with some laughs; just be prepared though as you will likely find yourself wanting more after the first 10-15 minutes.


App Summary
Title: Family Guy (v1.0) Developer: Fox Mobile Entertainment
Price: $1.99 App Size: 6.2 MB
  • Family guy clips in your pocket at all times!
  • Good potential with updates.
  • Hidden Easter Egg content to be found
  • Lack of content
  • The price of $1.99


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