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A Look at under the 3G S hood...

It’s no secret that the iPhone 3G S has more zip and zoom compared to the 3G, but the million dollar question is HOW much faster is it? AnandTech has done their homework and pit both iPhones against the Palm Pre and Android G1 in a web page rendering test, with the 3G S coming out on top in all but 3 of the site loads. Equipped with the more powerful and efficient ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 600MHz (as opposed to 412MHz), the 3G S performed 122% faster than the 3G and 21% speedier the Palm Pre. On a site like Facbook, the 3G S smoked its competition by fully loading the page in 13.5s, whereas the 3G needed a painfully slow 31.7s and the Palm Pre 19.6s (all WiFi).

Aside from the render tests, AnandTech also found that application launch times on the 3G S improved quite a bit, ranging from an improvement of 14% while launching the web browser to 72% for the native dialer app. By the looks of it, the 3G S will have no troubles going head to head against some of the best smartphones on the market. Will the speed factor alone though be enough for you to justify a hardware upgrade? Take a look at rest of the comparative results after the jump.


On average, the 3G S was able to load web pages more than twice as fast as the 3G. The Palm Pre, also running the ARM Cortex A8 processor (600 MHz),  wasn’t too far behind the latest iPhone, with several fastest times of their own.

3gs_applaunchtimesWhat’s interesting to see is that even the slightly older iPhone 3G was able to launch some basic apps quicker than the Palm Pre and T-Mobile G1. It takes 5.4s to load G1’s web browser and almost 10 seconds for the Pre’s Google Maps ?!? Mind you, you can’t compare apples with oranges…but still, it’s great to see how zippy the iPhone is in comparison to some of its competitors.

[via AnandTech]

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