OS 3.0 Hundred Plus Hidden Features

Home button behaviour can be changed via Settings

Home button behaviour can be changed via Settings

Bndoarn, a relatively new user at MacRumors has opened a thread discussion new features of OS 3.0 that are undocumented. The list is quite juicy, detailing quite mundane updates and bug fixes to major improvements. Naturally, WWDC’s keynote would be boring place to mention that letter keys are narrower than last time or that dashes no longer force songs in a playlist to appear first. However, it is surprising that Apple did not mention larger changes like the ability to download redeem codes from your iDevice.

The below are some of my favourite additions, but there is a much longer list which can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

news-os30-hiddenfeaturelist-img_0017 news-os30-hiddenfeaturelist-img_0016
  • Playlists starting with spaces and/or dashes no longer appear at the top of the list in Music. (found by agentkow)
  • Any favorites you may have in the old YouTube app can be merged into your YouTube account when you sign in to the new YouTube app. (found by agentkow)
  • You can now download apps redeemed from promo codes on the device. previously you could only redeem them and had to download them in iTunes
  • If you had a Safari Bookmark on the home screen, and the website didn’t have it’s own icon when you made the bookmark, if the website ever does get an icon, it will auto update on the home screen (found by iPhone Chicago)
  • The keyboard letter keys are a few pixels narrower than in the last OS, and the spaces between the keys slightly wider (found by smythey)
  • Mail preview loading is much faster (found by jinjo235)
  • You can now share a contact (found by jinjo235)
  • You can now add 20 places to weather (found by jinjo235)
  • Unknown incoming calls show the location of the call (found by jinjo235)
  • If you start a movie/tv show on wifi. and go off the wifi network. itll finish over 3g. (found by furtherout)
  • You can send as many pictures as you want in Mail. usually you can only “share” 5. this still holds true but with copy and paste you can copy as many photos as you want into the mail app. (found by ThE.MeSsEnGeR)
  • When you attach a photo in mail, you can magnify it like you would text. Just tap and hold on the image. (found by MigsVuitton)
  • You can close apps while they’re opening. previously you had to wait until the app was fully loaded until it would close (found by vassillios)
  • When apps that play audio are closed, the audio now fades out instead of abruptly quitting. (found by vassillios)
  • International keyboards are now more accurate (found by HPRK)
  • Time elapsed and time remaining in songs, podcasts, etc. are now always displayed in double digits. For example it will display -02:45 instead of -2:45. (found by MacGeekDC)
  • You can zoom further into photos in the Camera Roll then you could with 2.0. (found by Fibbons)
  • iPhone 2.2 would search your Exchange global addressbook, if you started typing a name into an email’s To: field, but now you can search the global Address book directly from your Contacts app, and get telephone numbers too! (found by memesmith)
  • The App Store now shows your current account on the bottom of each search page. Clicking on it will allow you to sign out or login to view/edit account information. (found by T3hPreacher)
  • When you buy something from the iTunes App, the purchase now goes into your general iTunes purchases list, instead of a specific “iPhone purchases” list. (found by Slayerboym88)
  • You can now type a second SMS message while the first is in the process of sending. (found by cocky jeremy)
  • When typing lol auto correct no longer makes it LOL (found by palckofv)
[For the entire list, visit MacRumors]

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