Enter the QueuePhone – Waiting for Apple’s 3GS got you down? Try Reading!


If you are currently queuing for the new iPhone 3GS and tired of talking with the other nerds around you, why not check out a couple of great free interactive novels? I have found a couple of fun and inspiring reader/gawker books that have action, romance, blood and great drawings. However, my recommendations might also get you interested in the genre of graphic novels which is an expensive hobby. If you don’t go that far, I do hope that you can enjoy at least one gem: the work of Cory Doctorow.

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The first graphic novel is Neozoic, a series of 5 graphic novels by Paul Ens, J. Korim and Jessie Lam that takes place on an earth that didn’t get slammed by a gigantic asteroid. Dinosaurs rule and humans, forced into walled settlements are much like organised scavengers who can fight really, really well. I have only read the first in the series, but what a great read and peep. Even if you don’t so much like graphic novels, Neozoic might be fun. iVerse comics stocks loads of great reads at the App Store, but they also have a great website.

iVerse Media, Neozoic #1, FREE, 6.6MB
Neozoic #1

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The next series I would like to shill for (no, not really) is based on short fiction by a favourite author of mine, Cory Doctorow. In this sci-fi/horror re-imagining of the siege of Leningrad as seen in a plausible future. Told by the eyes of a little girl who experiences war and the ravaging of her nation by commercialised interest and zombiism, After the Siege is a great read, though not light read. Many of Doctorow’s works are published simultaneously under the Creative Commons licence and in print. After the Siege and information about his other works can be found at Craphound, his website.

Robot Comics, After the Siege #1, FREE, 2.6 MB
After the Siege #1

Both of these series along with many more from the same publishers can be download for free and enjoyed in the queue, on the train or in bed. If I were to name one reason why the iPod Touch won’t be replaced by another digital player, it would be reading. There simply are too many great options available on this platform.

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