Baseball Superstars Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)

baseballstars_promoTouchMyApps is giving away 5 promo codes to Gamevil’s Baseball Superstars, the most popular and arguably most fun baseball title on the iDevice. Gamevil, no strangers to the mobile gaming world, have cemented their position as an App Store heavy weight with their release of the critically acclaimed rpg Zenonia. Young reviewed Baseball Superstars and found it highly enjoyable, with deep (rpg like) gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Note: Since our review, the game has received visual and gameplay upgrades via the v2.0 update, making it even more sweet!

To win a copy of Baseball Superstars, simply leave a comment and tell us what game(s) you’ve been playing most of recently and why you’d recommend them. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close June 22th @ 5pm EST.

As well be sure to follow us on Twitter and tweet: RT & Follow @TouchMyApps to win 1 of 5 Baseball Superstars Promo Codes!

That’s not all!! Gamevil is also giving away daily $25 itunes gift cards and weekly authentic MLB jerseys. How do you enter? Check within for more details…

Thanks once again for all the comments folks and as well to Gamevil for providing TouchMyApps with the codes. For those who didn’t win a copy this time round, be sure to pick one up at the App Store and enter yourselves for daily and weekly prizes! (see below).

Congrats to the following winners:

Dissmas, Vivek M. Chawla, samir, @nineswords and 9InningsSux.

Enjoy the sweet baseball game fellas!


  • I’ve been playing Archibald’s Adventures, Toki Tori, and recently 10 Pin Shuffle.

    I’d recommend Archibald’s Adventures and Toki Tori because they are fun and challenging 2D puzzle games. 10 Pin Shuffle is really fun for some quick games of shuffle board, the physics and the graphics are great so you can’t go wrong this game.

  • Tim

    Lately I’ve been really into TD games, namely Geodefense (one of my favorites). I’ve also been enjoying the new Star Defense game.

    One of the games I still can’t get over is Jelly Car. I’ve been pretty addicted for a couple months now.

  • Shane

    Ah, this is one contest I can’t miss. :)

    I’ve been playing some pinball lately. Wild West Pinball recently got a price drop to Free, and it has some amazing physics and graphics to it.
    Another would be Sweetwater Defence, from the earlier contest by TMA. It also has very polished 3D graphics and fun gameplay. I could literally see the detail on the towers by zooming in.

  • Jeremy

    Scoops and Sky Burger and I would recommend them because they are simple, fun and highly addicting

  • Imangi, is a wonderful word game.

    I’d also call it a Strategy game as one has to plan before building words out of letters in other words, usage of letters in Red give you higher score and then finally hit Sumbit to record you score.

    Its Fun playing the game while you build your vocabulary.

  • atseng

    The game I am playing the most now is StoneLoops!

    The reason I can’t stop playing it is because:
    1) Excellent graphics, with a very enjoyable game play for a puzzle game (Zuma Style)
    2) Game shows progression – going through 4 different worlds. Also enables a player to build houses and gain awards.
    3) Game becomes increasingly difficult through addition of new color balls and also maps.

  • Carl

    I’ve been playing:
    Defender Chronicles, because of its deep gameplay
    Real Racing, because it’s the best racing game on the App Store
    Mecho Wars, because it has a fantastic art style and gameplay, and, because it’s pulse-pounding and awesome.

  • greenhornet9

    Ive been playing defender chronicles lately and i recommend it because its really deep, it has rpg aspects, and its a really unique take on the TD genre.

  • I got hooked on Sally’s Spa since the sale. Before that I spent my time with Flight Control

  • Daniel Novoa

    I’ve recently been playing Real Racing and Need For Speed Undercover.

    Well Although they are both great racing games I have to say I would recommend Real Racing to those who are looking for a Real Racing simulator and a game like Grand Turismo (well Kinda).And Need For Speed Undercover to Someone who just wants to have fun but doesn’t want it to be boring.

  • Pierre

    Defender Chronicles. Its a really good TD like game with a different “view” (down to up, up to down)… plus it is very challenging as well.

  • samir

    I’ve been playing azkend a whole lot recently. It is for sure one of the best puzzles/match 3 jewel type games on my iphone. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes match 3-4-5 etc that also has a story line to it.

  • Dissmas

    Recently i’ve been playing football games: real 2009 and X2. And the winner is…definitely the X2 football. Both games can be really annoying but this one has a good graphic and most of the time very good gameplay, can’t wait for fifa anyway

  • Servetovictory

    I’ve been playing Defender Chronicles a lot. RPG TD=Awesomeness. It’s well done and addicting to play. Ive also been playing Real Racig a lot too, realistic and tons of polish.

  • DonValley

    Racing is my favorite type of games, so i have been playing lots of firemint’s Real Racing. What a fantastic game for the iPod Touch. Graphics are amazing for this portable device, the controls feel good (it will take sometime to get used to) and lots of replay value. I would recommend this racer without hesitation.

  • Betsunin

    I just can’t stop playing Azkend. It’s a the best puzzle game i hav played on any mobile device, beter than bejeweled or zuma. Touch features, story mode, great sound, it’s a smash hit, give it a try to the lite version, then go and purchse full version.
    Highly recommended.

  • 9InningsSux

    Ragdoll Blaster, Stackus & Moonlights – because I’m in a pseudo-puzzle phase. They all offer a unique spin on their respective genres, and are well worth the low price of entry…

  • Stykman

    I’ve been playing zenonia as well as stoneloops of jurassica and mecho wars

  • Brett

    I have been playing Need For Speed and New York Nights: Success in the City. I recommend both of them because they are really high-qualtiy games and worth the money. NFSU is an awesome game for good graphics and cool cars. NYN is cheap (0.99 from Gameloft) with awesome artoinidh graphics and hours of gameplay. Check them both out if you haven’t already!

  • jvelez75

    I have been playing Peggle and Azkend. I recommend both of them because they are very addictive games that you can’t just put down,great graphics and awesome gameplay. Get these games cheap and I promise you will not regret it.

  • mrholder

    I’ve been playing Let’s Golf. Just got it this weekend. It’s a great golf game and easy to learn quickly. I highly recommend it!

  • Arman

    Finished Zenonia last week! Loved that rpg game for sure. Now I’m spending a lot of time playing harbor Master. Its basically a Flight control type game, but i enjoy it even more and its super addictive. 2thumbs (and toes) way up!


  • Like many others here, I’ve also been loving Defender Chronicles. I gotta say that Baseball Superstars looks really great, too. Thank you for running this contest! I’m crossing my fingers for a win!

    Thanks guys!

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