And Now for Something Completely Different: Swine Flu Outbreak at the App Store

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Its hard to take the news out of our lives, but the recent Swine Flu outbreak has zapped a dose of ‘reality says’ into me. My wife and I just recently had a second wedding, which, in order for her family also to receive free a under-the-table tour, was held in Japan. Well, we arrived a few days early on a plane that should have gone to Seoul from Toronto to drop off our luggage, but because of the louts at Air Canada, was diverted to Tokyo. So, there we were with over 100KG of excess luggage including two beautiful Marinoni Fango cyclocross bikes, no where to stay and Air Canada’s mutant-attendants telling us that our next destination would not be covered. I grew 10 extra grey hairs in that near-death experience (I was about to kill someone, you see). But, this is not that story.

Getting back to my opening sentence, we as normal oxygen-breathing humans should take commission every on instance that world news gets free advertisement from us as members of popular culture. Swine Flu is one of the latest of these world issues and average Sara’s and Sorens like us should be getting pieces of silver and gold. Why? Well, the news has finally invaded our aloof and stalwart iDevice. Yep, the very chaps who brought us Toy Raid are bringing a pig shooter to the store very soon. Flying Tiger, back at it, and this time yet again, out to save humanity and consequently, the news.

If governments and flimsy masques cannot stop the outbreak, guns and bombs certainly can. I can imagine the huddled brainstorming session at Flying Tiger as devs, doctors and visionary military leaders gathered in response to the terrible disease. The devs, armed with quick brains, big, buggy eyes that can see in the dark and long pointy fingers, whisper in throaty voices, “It’s the one hidden feature left out of the OS 3.0. We can do this; we can stop Swine Flu”. But the doctors won’t have a word of it unless they get involved. “You will need us to patrol the situation – no developer alone can stop the outbreak of this terrible disease!”. The devs relented to the coolness of the doctor’s white jackets and cool neck-hanging contraptions – nothing they had ever seen was so dazzling. “And you?” they asked the military leaders, “what do you think we need?”.

“Guns, lots and lots of guns”, said a man who had hitherto been silently eating caramel pudding with a bent spoon.

And that, in a nutshell is the birth of Swine Flu, the new shooter that has our safety in mind and packs an excellent game engine derived from Toy Raid.

Press Tidbits
Protect your nation from infected piggies! Cannon ball the cute little plagued animals into fresh bacon!
o Bosses explode
o Classically Arcade
o Over 30 levels of game play
o Shake the phone to nuke pigs into bacon
o Touch to aim or tilt for more action
o Hazardous falling piles of pig dung
o Easy over the air download play
o Shoot multiple piggies at once

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