Top Free App of The World – Paper Toss for the Gold!


I couldn’t have said it better. ‘We want gold’, a saying not made famous by New Order’s Football World Cup song. While we at TMA can rest assured that England won’t win any time soon, we cannot predict who will take top spot at the App Store. Last time we gave enough of a hoot, it was iDracula sporting its silver guns and swords looking down on the world from the Top Paid App position. This time, Paper Toss is the Top Free App and has been since the 13th! That is five full days atop the world. Will it become a record? Will you create a record? You can – I can’t – I really suck at this game.

Backflip Studios, Paper Toss, FREE!, 5.2MB
Paper Toss

In case you are wondering, Paper Toss is a game from Backflip Studios, the friendly devs who brought us Ragdoll Blaster, a fun physics game that your mum would not want you playing. It is a light-hearted office-humour game that pits you against a dust bin. Armed with only a wadded up bill or sales record, you must shoot your ammo into the red bin against reasonable odds. Easy, Medium and Hard – depending on the wind, all can be difficult.


The fan spins at varying speeds which are indicated on the bottom of the screen. The higher the number, the more you will have to angle your ‘shot’ to score. Miss by too much and you will annoy your work mates who are hardily working at their seats ๐Ÿ˜‰ Is Paper Toss fun? In a nutshell, it is definitely worth the price of admission and can be some good crack especially while at office or when dreaming about your coming workload.


There is a leaderboard for you to buff your nails at, but you won’t see ‘shigzeo’ there at all – he simply doesn’t exist. For a good time-waster, enjoy Paper Toss – there really is nothing to lose!

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  • I’ve downloaded this Game a week ago and played for like 2 days and my highest score was 8 in Easy mode. LoL!

  • tannar hanks

    my highest score on easy is 49, medium is 9 and on hard it is 8

  • jeroliver

    75 easy, 27 med, 10 hard, 65 airport, 16 basement

  • DWC

    402 easy, 9 medium, 7 hard, 16 airport and 7 basement.

  • tanner d-a

    mines 121 on easy 60 on medium and 30 hard

  • eddie

    414 easy, 34 medium, 14 hard, 298 airport and 30 basement.

  • Ricky windell

    1189 on easy

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