Reign of Swords: EPISODE II Submitted to App Store


Update: Our review of Reign of Swords II is now live. Read it here

Like the RTS category for the iDevice, quality TBSes (Turn Based Strategies) are few and far between, with the two most recent and noteworthy being Uniwar and the highly anticipated Mecho Wars. Not to be left in the dust, Punch Entertainment is releasing EPISODE II of Reign of Swords (RoS), one of the very first true TBSes to hit the App Store back in Sept of ’08. TMA’s Young reviewed the first RoS and found it to be enjoyable with deep gameplay elements, giving it our ‘Grab It’ rating.  Fans of the original will be happy to know that Episode II features a completely new turn-based multiplayer system, new maps and units, vast improvements and a new look-and-feel.  If all is in order, this sequel will build on what is already a very solid TBS and draw new players in the the world of Reign of Swords.

Wait, there’s more! To celebrate the release of Ep. II, the devs have dropped the price of the first RoS to only $0.99 (down from $4.99). This is a great deal if you’re new to the series or looking for a deep and engaging multiplayer strategy game. Be sure to check out more details on Episode II along with screenies after the jump.

Reign of Swords, Punch Entertainment, $0.99, 5.1MB
Reign of Swords


“Reign of Swords: Episode II” is the second episode in the award-winning and critically acclaimed “Reign of Swords” series.

STORY: In “Reign of Swords”, you were tasked with restoring order in the once mighty Empire of Carrone which was threatened by evil and chaos.

In Episode II, the power and grandeur of the once mighty Carrone Empire is slowly returning. Your heroic efforts have helped young Emperor Julien Sebatini to route those that would openly challenge the Empire in the kingdoms near the capital.

However, pockets of rebellion still exist – kingdoms on the outskirts of the Empire are still troubled by violence and unrest.

Your loyalty and honor are without question. You are a hero to Carrone. Continue your service to the Empire by leading your army into the Eastern Kingdoms, seeking out new allies, and restoring order and peace. For the glory of Carrone!

GAMEPLAY: “Reign of Swords: Episode II” is a multiplayer collectibles battle game featuring turn-based strategy gameplay.

General Features:

  • Award-winning turn-based strategy gameplay
  • Build your own customized army as you conquer kingdoms and gain spoils of war to upgrade your battle units
  • Over 36 different unit types
  • Take your custom army to war with your friends in multiplayer mode
  • Playable across mobile devices and PC
  • Multiple battle scenarios such as big open-field battles, fortress sieges, ambushes and stealth attacks
  • Gain weekly in-game rewards & titles based on your ranking in a kingdom in multiplayer mode

New in Episode II:

  • New robust Head-to-Head multiplayer system supports two online battle modes:
    • Head-to-Head: Play turn-based battles with other players, or take your turn when you have time and check back later to see if your opponent has moved
    • Quick Battle: Simply place your army on the battlefield and issue them tactical orders, and then send the challenge to your opponent. The AI does the fighting for you!
  • New units including the Dune Siren, Blood Gorger, Craftsmen, Conjurer (including its conjured units the Sapper and Bodyguard) and the Ballistae with more to come!
  • New desert-themed maps in the Eastern Kingdom with a completely new look-and-feel reflected in the terrain and music
  • Warp portals that create a dynamic battlefield and a new gameplay elemen
  • New improved army upgrade system making it even easier to customize your army!
  • Existing “Reign of Swords” players can bring their existing army into Episode II!

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