Peggle in Review – Pachinko on Acid

peggle1I admit I was one of the few people living under a rock that had no idea what the heck Peggle was. To me, it just seemed like one of those games that people got excited for but just didn’t do it for me. So when I had the opportunity to review PopCap Games’ Peggle, it seemed just another one on the list. When the App loaded, I was greeted with a colorful, highly energetic, fun-paced experience.

peggle2The game is simple. You take aim at the various orange pegs scattered throughout the board. You fire. You hope for the best.

Peggle features:

  • 55 levels and 40 Grand Master challenges
  • Pick your level in Quick Play or Challenge mode with a flick of your finger
  • All new Extreme Precision wheel – fine-tune your aiming for masterful shots
  • Cool new style shots (like Off the Wall, Double Long Shot, and Eye of the Pyramid) for racking up more bonus points
  • New Trophy Room – revel in your growing collection of trophies
  • Save and replay your hottest shots
  • Play friends and family in Duel Mode
  • Fully optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Listen to your own music while you play!

peggle3Peggle plays like a mixture of Bust-A-Move, Pachinko, and Pinball, except with the added twist of the the moving platform on the bottom. You start off with 10 balls that you can carefully aim using the virtual EXTREME PRECISION WHEEL on the right side of the screen or by dragging your finger. When you get the right angle and the timing is right, you press the fire button. From there, the game plays like an intense version of Pachinko. You see the ball flying, moving from one peg to another until it fall off screen.

It is in this movement of the ball that Peggle really shines. Peggle employs a great physics engine. It is so good that you can accurately estimate the reflection from the hit. Aiming at a corner, at the wall, and the curve of the pegs, all these need to be taken into account if you want to hit multiple orange pegs. Once all of these orange pegs are hit, you clear the board and the stage.

peggle4There are also a bunch of powerups and tricks that enhance your gaming ability. If you get off a shot that hits multiple amounts of pegs, a meter on the left rises. After a certain amount of hits, you can earn an extra ball. You can also earn an extra ball by having the current one fall into the moving hole on the bottom of the screen.

Then there are the purple bonus pegs. These pegs change position with each turn. The green pegs are special in the sense that they provide an assortment of power ups depending on which stage you are in. They include multi-ball, accurate shot, explosion, and so forth. Once all the orange pegs are hit, the bottom transforms into a pachinko-esque format. There are five slots in which to gain bonus points.

Included in all of this fun are great visuals and sound effects that are bright, colorful, and really a pleasure to experience.

peggle5There is really nothing negative I can say about this gme. It is a fully fleshed out experience. There is an adventure mode, challenge mode, and duel mode which enhance the replayability of this game.

If you were one of the lucky ones to buy this game when it was on sale for $0.99, consider yourself fortunate. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the money to buy it now, then let me just say yes yes yes yes yes. Peggle is definitely worth the buy. It’s quirkiness will put a smile on my face and easily became one of my more favorite iDevice game.


App Summary
Title: Peggle (v1.0) Developer: PopCap Games, Inc
Price: $4.99 App Size: 10.2 MB
  • Great Visuals and Sound
  • Unique Gameplay Experience
  • 3 Different Modes of Play
  • You Will See Time Slip By


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