Minigore, New Chillingo Shooter Targeting a Furry Launch at the App Store


"It's called a gun. And this face? It's called handsome"

Chillingo (cue the sonorous angelic choir) are prepping the the App Store, their ranks of fans and the internet for another big hit. After their recent successes with CS.One and Knights Onrush, the publisher is moving to a dual-analogue style cartoon shooter. Minigore stars the survivor, John Gore in an quest to kill a slew of hairy creatures who want nothing less than to taste his flesh. If you need more information, pictures and a video, just follow the jump!

Press Information
Minigore is a 3D survival shooter for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game is all about John Gore, a little square fellow, who finds himself surrounded by the Furries – hairy, round creatures with particularly sharp teeth. Your mission is to defend John at all cost from these creatures.

The Furries come in three shapes and sizes: the small Minifurry, the Furry, and the lamentable Giant Furry. But be warned — blasting a Giant Furry will split the creature into several Furries that, if destroyed will split into Minifurries. It’s Russian Nesting Dolls with a vengeance. You control John with two virtual sticks; the left stick is for moving around and the right stick controls the shooting.

You can get out of tight spots by unleashing Minigore’s Beast from within. The beast mode opens up many interesting gameplay mechanics with bosses like the Wormwolf, which will headline one of the updates after launch. Collect four-leaf clovers some of the enemies leave behind to trigger the Beast. As a beast, you’re literally on fire and you can go running around and eating all the previously dangerous Furries nearby. You can only stay in this special form for a short while before the beast is tamed and you transform back to normal. When you’ve picked up enough clovers you transform into the beast form and you can just stand still and the Wormwolf will spiral straight into your mouth!

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